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"House Of The Dragon" Actor Emma D'Arcy Reflected On Being Nominated For Best Actress At The Golden Globes After They Stopped "Pretending" To Be Cisgender

"The vibe is child piano prodigy and maybe the recital's not gone well. I'm doing that but I'm also doing trans."

You likely know Emma D'Arcy for their outstanding portrayal of Rhaenyra Targaryen on the HBO series House of the Dragon.

Rhaenyra stares into the distance while looking regal in her crown and cloak

Well, Emma rocked blue hair, eyebrow slits, and an Acne Studios outfit at last night's Golden Globes — where they were nominated for Best Actress, which ultimately went to Zendaya for her work in Euphoria.

A closeup of Emma on the red carpet

"The vibe is child piano prodigy and maybe the recital's not gone well," Emma joked to E! when asked about their look. "I'm doing that but I'm also doing trans, because I'm wearing some trousers and a skirt at the same time — and nothing says nonbinary like wearing both a skirt and trousers."

When asked about the "moment" they were currently in, they continued, "It's a surreal thing because when I was starting out, I really felt that I had to present as a woman in order to find success in this industry. It wasn't sustainable and I stopped pretending."

"Weirdly, it's at that point that I got nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes, which is beautifully ironic. I think the most important thing for me is that it implies the space for trans people and gender non-conforming people is getting bigger all the time. I feel very privileged."

Emma previously told Interview back in October, "This is the first job in which I’ve brought my nonbinary identity to work. And part of that was because HBO asked me what pronouns I use, and I thought a lot about whether this was the right time. The reason it’s important is that there was a point, earlier in my career, where I really worried that it wasn’t possible to be an actor if you aren’t a cisgendered person."

Congrats on the nomination, Emma!