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Ellen DeGeneres Tried To Do A 4,000-Piece Puzzle While Social Distancing, And It Did Not Go As Planned

It's 4,000 pieces of disappointment.

During this time of coronavirus social distancing, many of us may be taking the time to watch iconic cinematic series, such as Harry Potter, Twilight, or Sharknado 1–6. However, I am here to throw a new saga into the mix: Ellen DeGeneres trying to do a 4,000-piece puzzle on Instagram.

The video epic started with Ellen chilling in her mansion and talking about how bored she is.

But huzzah, a puzzle!

Not that anyone asked, but the puzzle is of a painting called Galleria di vedute di Roma moderna by Giovanni Paolo Pannini. Isn't that nice?

Video one was from a simpler time! An optimistic time!

However, don't get too comfortable, because video two took a dark turn.

That's right: The puzzle was missing a piece. One puzzle piece just had to go ahead and ruin the party for the other 3,999.

The conundrum was driving even celebrities wild. Would we ever know joy again?

But turns out, the missing piece was under the table all along!

However, if you thought our merry tale was now rid of strife, then think again, son! Step one of the puzzle — turning over 4,000 individual pieces — proved to be a tad tedious.

After two hours of this, Ellen had had enough. She had run out of room for all the pieces.

That's right. Even Ellen DeGeneres does not have a table big enough to do this behemoth of a puzzle. What hope have us mere mortals?

It was time to give up.

You win today, puzzle.

You win today.