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Amanda Seyfried Looked Back At Her "Mean Girls" Red Carpet Dress, And It's A Weird Insight Into Being A Celeb

“I didn’t know any of the rules."

I don't know about you, but if I was in a movie that grossed $130 million at the box office worldwide, I might expect a nice outfit or two while promoting it. Well, I am apparently wrong — as Amanda Seyfried explained on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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For context, the Mean Girls premieres way back in 2004 were Amanda's first big red carpets — although she had acted on episodes of As the World Turns and All My Children beforehand.

So when she was shown photos of the outfits she wore to the Hollywood and New York premieres, Amanda explained, “I did not have a stylist.”

"I used the only money I had to buy a dress — but there were two premieres, and so I had to buy two dresses because you wear different dresses."

As for this particular ensemble, worn to the New York premiere, she added, “I didn’t know any of the rules, so I was wearing a white bra and black underwear and no slip."

"I paid $600 for that dress. I couldn’t even afford a ride home, no, I’m kidding," she said — although she did later clarify that she walked home, given that it was New York. "I didn’t have a publicist. I didn’t have a stylist. I did my own makeup."

When Jimmy asked why the studio didn't cover any of the costs, she replied, "I slipped through the cracks, because I didn't ever ask for anything — because I thought I was in the way. Which is not how I want to raise my daughter, for sure."

Ahhhhhh 2004.