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    18 Reasons Why A Philosophy Degree Is A Total Waste Of Time

    It's a total waste of time and you'll never make any money.

    1. It clearly isn't a real degree.

    2. People that study philosophy are just looking for something easy to do.

    3. You should do something more practical if you want to be influential in the future.

    4. Or if you want to be powerful or successful.

    5. And it doesn't have any real life relevance.

    6. It won't strengthen your ability to reason and debate.

    7. People that study it are all humourless.

    8. And aren't multi-talented.

    9. They're completely uncreative.

    10. Like, creative thinking is not encouraged at all.

    11. Nor will it make you more quick-witted or cultured.

    12. And the people you will meet will be so boring.

    13. They won't have anything interesting to say at all.

    14. You definitely won't enjoy it.

    15. It won't make you more cultured and worldly either.

    16. And you certainly won't make any money afterwards.

    17. And it's not like you'll actually become a philosopher!

    18. It's basically a complete waste of time.