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    21 Reasons "Freaks And Geeks" Was The Most Perfect Show

    "Don't be mean, just be a bitch."

    1. Guys, I'm so sad that Freaks and Geeks was cancelled.

    2. I know it ended 16 years ago, but I'm still sad about it.

    3. It was just so perfect.

    4. It managed to capture the complexity and the horrific, never-ending embarrassment of adolescence like no other show.

    5. Every single character was complex and relatable and loveable and sympathetic.

    6. Even the most minor characters were given depth!!


    7. No wonder basically everyone that starred in it has gone on to have excellent acting careers.

    8. It somehow managed to deal with teen problems in a way that wasn't condescending nor over-dramatised.

    9. It was also hilarious.

    10. And it was perfectly cast.

    11. And gave us some pretty sassy one-liners.

    12. Some lines from it are actually words to live by.

    13. Honestly, great advice.

    14. Some of it quite poignant.

    15. Also it gave us some really solid dancing.

    16. The ~lessons~ they learnt were always pretty representative of real life experiences.

    17. None of the characters were simplified to a stereotype or a trope.

    18. Honestly you cannot watch the show without crying at least 34532 times.

    19. Oh my god I'm so sad we'll never get another series.

    20. This basically summarises how I feel every time I remember there is only one season.

    21. But at the very least we still got that one pure and perfect season.