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    I Think We Can All Agree Taylor Zakhar Perez Is Hot, So Here Are Just 23 Perfect Photos Of Him

    Just give me a sec to pick my jaw up off the floor, thanks.

    So, you just watched The Kissing Booth 3, and you can't stop thinking about how Taylor Zakhar Perez (who plays Marco) invented being hot.

    InStyle México / Photographer: Shane McCauley / Via

    Join the club! We have a good time here — and snacks. 

    Before we get into the details of how the Mexican American actor is a certified hottie (not to be confused with Megan Thee Stallion's capital-H Hottie, although I hope he's of that variety too), let's talk facts.

    So, let's get into it.


    In case you were wondering, he can, in fact, sing! And he told PopSugar in 2020 that he "practiced [his] butt off" to be able to play guitar. So, yeah, as if he needed to be hotter than he already is, he can also serenade you at the drop of a hat.

    In this selfie, the sun is literally shining on him, like he's actually ethereal and glowing — and will you just glance at the vein that's popping out of his shoulder?!

    His crooked smile, and the power it holds over me.


    Thinking about the tie...

    Fine, I'll say it. Taylor is giving Milo Ventimiglia's beloved and iconic crooked smile a run for its money.


    I say this as a huge Milo — and Jess — stan.

    This dimple, and — once again — the power it holds over me.

    Netflix / Freeform

    In case you were wondering, this still is from Season 2, Episode 14 of Young & Hungry.

    Let's discuss how much we would all love to be a large body of water right now.

    What the hell!!!!!!

    Someone book this man a role where he plays an angel or a god or something.


    Actually invented jean jackets?

    He's just so pretty.

    Photography: Erinn Springer for Numero Netherlands / Instagram: @numero_netherlands / Producer Instagram: @timiletonja

    The butterfly thinks so too.

    In this Kissing Booth 3 still, he looks perfectly boyish with his slightly tousled wavy hair.


    Look at the adoration and wonder in his eyes — they're positively glinting, if I do say so myself.

    Just top-tier pearly whites right here.


    A beautiful beau!


    Just dazzling.


    The smile — oh, and the lights, too.

    It's the way the fresh bruise and chain amplify his hotness in a very particular and inexplicable way.


    And, sorry, but the pissed-off look is inarguably sexy as hell!

    Also when his character looks lovingly at Elle (Joey King) in the moonlight.


    A soft boy with soft lips (I imagine).

    And then when he tells her to look at him when she's feeling off the day before their dance battle in The Kissing Booth 2.


    That's a heartthrob in the making, your honor!!!

    Then, there's pre-kissing Elle.


    This gaze is beyond intense, and I am very here for it.

    And post-kissing Elle.


    Once again, when he looks at Noah (Jacob Elordi) like he literally could not be bothered with his stirs something up within me.


    Here too, because I couldn't just pick one from this scene, obviously.


    Basically, I can’t stop thinking about Taylor and can’t wait to see what movies and/or shows he does next, because you KNOW I’ll be watching.