Scooter Braun Calls Feud With Taylor Swift "Confusing" And "Not Based On Anything Factual"

    In a recent interview, Scooter called their feud "confusing" and said Taylor's reaction made him "sad."

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    Scooter Braun has once again opened up about his feud with Taylor Swift.

    The media exec, who was recently named Variety's music mogul of the year, told the magazine that the public feud with the singer-songwriter is "not based on anything factual."

    He continued that the feud, which stemmed from his 2019 acquisition of Big Machine Records and thus Swift's masters, "seems very unfortunate." He added that Swift's reaction makes him "sad."

    In the interview, Scooter acknowledged the NDA, but did not respond to allegations by Taylor that it seemed the "master recordings were not for sale to [her]."

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    Braun said his characterization as a "bully" struck him as the "worst." He continued, "I’m firmly against anyone ever being bullied. I always try to lead with appreciation and understanding. The one thing I’m proudest of in that moment was that my artists and team stood by me."

    Elsewhere, Scooter suggested that Taylor's accusations have created misconceptions about him.

    For Scooter Braun's full interview, click here.

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