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    47 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Store Anything And Everything

    So many storage problems, solved!

    1. Decant pantry staples (rice, dry beans, chips, candy, cookies, etc) into airtight OXO pop containers because they keep things fresh for longer than the original packaging ever possibly could, all while making everything easy to find.

    2. Stack skillets and pans on an organizer rack to make it simple to grab the exact one you need without pulling three other pans out along with it.

    3. Transform the inside of one of your cabinet doors into an incredibly convenient ~seasoning station~ with these spice clips.

    4. Or display your spices on a pull-down rack so all your go-to blends are always right at your fingertips.

    5. Tame your plastic container cabinet with the help of a storage drawer: it literally brings everything in the back corner forward, where you can actually reach it.

    6. Protect your knives from clanking up against each other (which ultimately just dulls them down) using a knife block specifically designed to organize drawers.

    7. Extend the life of fruits and veggies with a produce saver that really does keep berries, bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, and more day-one fresh for nearly two weeks.

    8. And stretch the amount of time you have to use fresh basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme, dill, rosemary, and more with an herb keeper.

    9. Conceal your sponges, brushes, scrapers, and other miscellaneous dish-washing tools in a tip-out shelf made from those fake drawers right below your sink.

    10. Or simply organize them with a corner tray that lets excess water drain away, instead of puddling up on your kitchen counter.

    11. Maximize the vertical space in your dishes cabinet with an expanding shelf — you'll no longer have to pull down the stack of salad bowls just to get to the dinner plates.

    12. Stuff your reusable bags in one bag with a carabiner on it, so you can hook them both on your car and on your shopping cart.

    13. And if you still keep plastic bags around, corral them in a cute fabric holder that fits right over your pantry doorknob, or hangs neatly on a removable adhesive hook just inside a cabinet door.

    14. Transform your linen closet (or drawer) by storing each of your sheet sets in one of their pillowcases.

    15. Enlist some Space Bags to collapse pillows and bulky seasonal bedspreads / duvets so they take up only a fraction of your storage space.

    16. Don't have a spot under your sink for extra T.P., or have a bathroom so big that you can't reach a new roll when you need it? This toilet paper canister protects new rolls from unruly splashes while still keeping them within arm's length of the toilet.

    17. Stash all your hair tools under your cabinet on a compact over-door holder that still leaves them super accessible.

    18. Grab another carabiner to lasso your hair ties so you can always find one when you need it, and repurpose a paperclip holder as a new home for all your bobby pins.

    19. File your entire nail polish collection away in a handled organizer that essentially lays all your color options out like a menu — you'll always be able to see exactly what you have.

    20. Sort through all the miscellaneous products that have slowly accumulated under your sink, then install a mesh drawer that's actually tall enough to hold most bottles.

    21. Capture bath toys in a mesh bag that hangs from a couple of suction cups, and everything will drip-dry overnight.

    22. Neatly display all your shoes on a four-tier rack that fits snugly beneath your closet rod — you'll never have to dig through a disorderly pile for the mate to your favorite sneaker ever again.

    23. Layer your scarf collection on an organizer designed especially to make all your favorites easy to see and access without taking up too much closet space.

    24. Divide up your drawers with this set of four organizers whose mantra is definitely "a place for everything, and everything in its place."

    25. Or file your socks and underwear away in a honeycomb drawer sorter — it's so easy to just tuck each pair of in its little zone you won't be able to resist using it.

    26. Display your favorite jewelry that you wear all the time on a simple wall-mounted organizer that you can hang up in your closet, on a door, or wherever works best in your space.

    27. All your makeup, perfume, and brushes can be right at your fingertips with this countertop display — it makes everything look neat when all you have to do is kinda throw it all in there.

    28. Or, if you prefer to keep your makeup in a drawer, give everything a designated spot with an expandable, compartmented tray.

    29. Protect your seasonal clothes and shoes by stowing them under your bed in these divided bags. The fabric lets clothes breathe (preventing musty smells), and the clear windows let you know exactly what's inside.

    30. Hide some major extra storage on the back of almost any door with this adjustable, customizeable cabinet that mounts directly onto the hinges.

    31. A cube organizer can both display and disguise all kinds of things — toys, game controllers and headsets, books, candles, you name it — all while serving as a handy entryway table, TV stand, clothes dresser, office cabinet...whatever you need most.

    32. Have an entertainment setup you already love? Quickly reclaim the living room as ~grown up space~ by hiding away all the random kid's toys in a storage ottoman.

    33. And in the ~kids space~, this toddler-size storage shelf will make it easy for them to actually reach all their favorite toys — which just so happens to make clean up that much easier, too.

    34. Avoid the dreaded Legos on the floor thanks to the Swoop Bag, which contains the mess *and* brilliantly cleans it up with literally zero effort.

    35. Reduce the shelf space all those plastic DVD cases take up to just 2.8 inches: get a disc keeper that'll protect all your favorite movies (and keep 'em in alphabetical order, if you so choose).

    36. Any papers you want to keep long-term can look nice sitting on the bottom shelf in your office. Just file them away in these lidded boxes.

    37. Sneak a little more storage space into that narrow gap between your washer and dryer — this narrow cart's sturdy enough to hold multiple bottles of heavy detergent.

    38. Mount your mops, brooms, and Swiffers on the wall using a genius organizer, and you won't have to battle the pile of cleaning products in the corner every time you want to sweep the floor.

    39. Or if you have just one or two items, want to put more space between each, or prefer something you don't have to nail into the wall, try a few Command Broom Grippers instead.

    40. Flip a pallet on its side for one-and-done hockey stick, baseball bat, and other sports equipment storage. (This could totally work for shovels and rakes, too.)

    41. Pick up a sturdy rack that'll gather all your golfing gear in one place and make it look darn good, too.

    42. Assign a spot in the garage or basement for all the kids bikes, scooters, shopping carts, and toys.

    43. A simple wall hook can cut the square footage hogged by your bikes in half, wherever you happen to store 'em.

    44. Have a large collection of holiday wreaths? Protect them with drawstring garbage bags, then loop those over hangers to keep 'em off the floor.