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    23 Home Decorating Ideas For Anyone With A Fandom

    Get your geek on.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community how they show off their geeky side at home — and here are some of the ways they display their fandoms!

    Note: Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

    1. Make a signpost with directions the best places in all of your different fandoms.

    2. Turn a terrarium into a the cutest tabletop Pikmin habitat for your coffee table.

    3. Serve your guests cookies out of an alien who hopefully won't be laying eggs anytime soon.

    4. Sneak a single framed photo into your family photo gallery.

    5. Or, order a custom oil painting of you sitting on the actual Iron Throne, and add THAT to your family gallery.

    6. Build a Tardis bookcase for a Doctor Who themed nursery or TBH any room in the house.

    7. Go for ~one-of-a-kind~ wall decor and art that you make yourself.

    8. Or just buy a single piece of art, frame it, and let it be part of your otherwise normal decor.

    9. Celebrate the magic of overhead lights.

    10. Cover your current textbooks to make it look like you go to Hogwarts.

    11. Proclaim who *you* bend the knee to with a Targaryen banner.

    12. Of course, hang up a gallery wall that shows off your favorite pieces...

    ...whether you love horror films...

    ...a specific movie or game or book or show...

    ...or a lot of different fandoms.

    13. Decorate a wall with the alphabet and holiday lights.

    14. Use pool noodles, cardboard, and foil to make an ~aluminum~ throne.

    15. Or simply paste on a decal that reminds your guests exactly where to go.

    16. Find a way to display your collections so you can enjoy seeing them.

    17. Whether it's on a shelf...

    18. ...or all around your computer, or somewhere else.

    19. Frame maps of your fandom for your walls.

    20. Give Darth Kitty a good spot to lay in the sunbeam with a Death Star rug.

    21. Make a Quidditch mobile and decoupage the Maurader's Map to a dresser for a Harry Potter nursery.

    22. If you have a home office or a textbook shelf, stash a collector's edition story book among them as a geeky inside joke.

    23. Make any 8-bit blanket you want out of simple crochet squares.

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