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23 Home Decorating Ideas For Anyone With A Fandom

Get your geek on.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community how they show off their geeky side at home — and here are some of the ways they display their fandoms!

Note: Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

1. Make a signpost with directions the best places in all of your different fandoms.

For our recent anniversary, I handmade this directional sign of our fandoms for my fiancée (with a little help from her). We started saying "I love you to the stars and back" when we began dating and over the past three and a half years we've added many nerdy lengths to our love. We're now 76 days away from our wedding. —kelseyh4e8f329ea


2. Turn a terrarium into a the cutest tabletop Pikmin habitat for your coffee table.

Pikmin is one of Nintendo's less popular and known games, but it was my all time favorite game growing up. I saw many nerd-inspired terrariums, so I thought, "why not make my own?" —davidh41e26f26b

3. Serve your guests cookies out of an alien who hopefully won't be laying eggs anytime soon.

I love my Xenomorph cookie jar. It's great and the detail is amazing! —khadd1ja

Get one on ThinkGeek for $29.99 (it's on sale right now, regular price is $44.99).

5. Or, order a custom oil painting of you sitting on the actual Iron Throne, and add THAT to your family gallery.

I found an amazing artist on Etsy to help me live out my Game of Thrones dream by creating a custom oil painting of me on the Iron Throne. Not as expensive as you may think. 10/10 would recommend. —gpetsche

Find custom oil painters on Etsy by clicking the checkbox "Customizable" in the sidebar.


7. Go for ~one-of-a-kind~ wall decor and art that you make yourself.,,

I love that I'm an adult and can do whatever I want to my house! It's really great to see the reaction from friends and family. —kzendi

DIY Wall Art! —tonyweb1211

My good friend made this for me before I went to college 7 years ago. I still have it and love it (and Spider-Man) just as much as I did when I first got it. (It's spray paint on canvas.) —lydiaw4256ca643

8. Or just buy a single piece of art, frame it, and let it be part of your otherwise normal decor.,

My subtle and tasteful X-files poster. #iwanttobelieve —morganc4f235c288

My husband and I are both meteorologists, so it's appropriate to have this print by Brainstorm Design Shop hanging in our home. —pinkmooncat

I have travel posters from mine and my sisters favorite fictional places —

Hogsmede, Stars Hollow (Gilmore girls), Pawnee (Parks and Recreation). —carissamurray

Get the unframed X-Files Poster unframed on AllPosters for $5.99; the Atmosphere print from Brainstorm for $45; and the Hogsmeade print (starting at $15), the Stars Hollow print (starting at $16.50), and the Parks and Rec print (starting at $18.50) on Etsy.

9. Celebrate the magic of overhead lights.

I painted my Lumos/Nox light switch plate myself at one of those DIY pottery places. —springgrrl

I bought "Lumos" and "Nox" decals on Etsy for my light switch in my room. Most people never see it or even notice but I love it. —stephanien4dd4f4209

Lumos and Nox decals are available for $2.66/two on Etsy, $2.66.


10. Cover your current textbooks to make it look like you go to Hogwarts.

I DIY-ed my textbooks to look like Harry Potter Textbooks. I used a paper-bag book cover hack I found online and taped textbook covers online to them. They are cool. —shaynajava

Learn how to make paper bag book covers here.


...or a lot of different fandoms.,,

Slowly building up my nerd art collection. —annag467496824

Fandom wall from the shows I've worked on as well as some favorite movies. I plan to fill the whole wall. —oliviaroseo3

Our house is decorated with things mostly acquired at Comicon. —sarahs4e8f11aa3


16. Find a way to display your collections so you can enjoy seeing them.

The sonic screwdriver in the corner was hand built (and hand-signed) by Nick Robatto himself, one of the actual prop makers on the show. Mine is 151/250. —cchiefham04


19. Frame maps of your fandom for your walls.,,

I love Assassins Creed! I framed the poster from the midnight release, and I hope to get some Legend of Zelda world maps in as well. —annap480698206

One year, my husband treated himself to a professionally framed map of Skyrim. He is a huge Elder Scrolls fan and is the reason I have become interested in video games myself. —rachels47c57109c

We have a canvas map of Westeros and Essos on our living room wall ☺ —hla3118

22. If you have a home office or a textbook shelf, stash a collector's edition story book among them as a geeky inside joke.

I have a limited edition decorative book and case of The Tales of Beedle the Bard from Harry Potter which I display amongst my educational books to fool guests. —laurenm4b7b568d6

You can get a fancy collectors edition on Amazon for $250, or a regular hardcover-only version from Barnes & Nobles for $9.68.


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