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How Do You Show Off Your Geeky Side In Your Home?

Let your geek flag fly.

Have you turned your half-bath into an Iron-and-Porcelain throne room?

(Now you want to? Get this sticker on Amazon for $24.95.)

Does the Triforce greet every visitor at your door?

Tutorial here.

Do you have a windowsill garden of Bulbasaurs?

Get them on Etsy for $14.50.

Or stars in your bathroom floor?

Whoa. See how it's done here.

Do you curl up in front of an 8-bit fireplace — that you made out of paint chips — on chilly winter nights?

Tutorial here.

Or have you dressed up your exposed brick with this handy platform sign?

Get it on Think Geek for $14.99.

Did you go all-out and custom order a door with the White Tree of Gondor?

Or build yourself a guest bedroom that's bigger on the inside?

See how it's done here.

Did you paint the Death Star onto this Ikea lamp?

See the process here. Get the lamp from Ikea for $79.99.

Do you have etched superhero glasses in your cabinets?

Whether you etched them yourself (learn how here) or bought them that way.

Have you hung framed map of Middle Earth on your wall, maybe as part of a fandom gallery wall?

Get it on Amazon for $11.99.

However you display your geekiness — and whether your fandom is TV-based, a video game, a book, an ~actual science~, or something else — tell us about it!

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Or because pictures speak louder than words, upload a photo of it to the dropbox below!

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You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!