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    28 Genius Ideas For Anyone Who Shares A Bathroom

    Transformative solutions for roommates, siblings, families, and couples!

    1. Hang multiple shower caddies at once using water-resistant Command Hooks, and everyone can have their very own.

    2. Or try removable-adhesive plastic caddies β€” each person can have their own at the height that works best for them.

    3. A plastic silverware drawer organizer is the perfect way to store toothbrushes without risk of the bristles touching.

    4. Maximize every square inch of space under your cabinets by stacking plastic drawers labeled with each person's name.

    5. Mount a four-person towel rack on the inside hinge of your door to instantly create storage out of wasted vertical space.

    6. Or if you prefer something that takes zero installation, try a tiered over-door rack.

    7. You could also turn towels into functional artwork with fun photos (or monogram initials) that assign each person their very own hook.

    8. All that vertical space on the back of the door can also be transformed into extra storage with a repurposed shoe organizer, naturally.

    9. Install some shelves over the toilet β€” it can be both convenient storage and the perfect place to display art, candles, plants, or other decorative things.

    10. Enlist an extra lingerie bag for bath time duty: it makes the perfect fishing net to pick up all the toys, then quickly bunches up and hangs everything to dry while you're reading the bedtime story.

    11. Hang mirrors in everyone's bedroom or closet, so anyone who loves doing their makeup and hair doesn't necessarily have to be in the bathroom the entire time.

    12. Or opt for a small vanity set with tons of storage.

    13. And if there's just not quiiiiite enough natural light to make that feasible, pick up a set of vanity lights that stick, plug in, and go.

    14. Start regularly spritzing a little Poo-Pourri in the toilet bowl before you go, because everyone's happier when the bathroom smells only of flowers, vanilla, and citrus.

    15. Help everyone keep track of how long they're in the shower or brushing their teeth using a visual timer.

    16. Press on a gel stamp after scrubbing the toilet you share with four roommates β€” it will actually keep the bowl clean week after week, so you don't all wait until it's beyond gross because no one feels fully responsible for cleaning it.

    17. Prevent your shower drain from clogging up with a hair catcher β€” because when you have multiple people with long hair using a shower daily, things can seriously build up fast. Then before you know it you're shin-deep in water.

    18. And if you're already in that situation, unclog everything first with a drain millipede. It's covered in tiny little hooks to grab onto the clump of hair that's preventing your sink or tub from draining well, and yank it all up so water flows freely again.

    19. Ensure everything stays at least a little bit cleaner by storing cleaning wipes somewhere convenient (like, under the cabinet) so anytime you notice the counter, sink, tub, and/or toilet are getting grody, you can do a fast wipe-up.

    20. Quickly and easily sweep away all the little hairs left over after beard trimming with a lightweight, waterproof, oil-proof sink grooming mat that takes zero effort to brush off into the trash.

    21. Put a stop to the puddles somebody is always leaving next to the tub by securing your shower curtain with a set of four clips.

    22. Spritz this cleaner at the end of each shower β€” it will actually prevent mold and hard water build up, so nobody has to squeegee, much less haul out the heavy duty cleaning products.

    23. Everyone can stash their hairdryer and other hairstyling heat tools in personal magazine organizers under the sink. They'll help keep storage space equal and everything within easy reach.

    24. Then take complete advantage of the inside of the cabinet doors: you could mount small plastic baskets...

    25. ...hang a caddy that can store several different hair tools (or whatever you need)...

    26. ...or even use it for a trash can that takes up zero floor space (and is out of reach of any nosy pets).

    27. Magically create β€” and designate β€” storage space in a medicine cabinet with organizers designed specifically for that very purpose.

    28. And instantly conjure more countertop space with a couple of corner organizers.

    And hey, no matter how tough your situation, at least it's not this:

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