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13 Spring Cleaning Cleanses That'll Actually Make A Big Difference In Your Life

Detox, declutter, and de-stress.

1. The Smart Phone Cleanse: Cut down on the time you spend scrolling so you can focus more on everything else in your life.

2. The Unfollow + Unfriend Cleanse: Fill your social media with updates from people you *actually* want to hear from, no more learning every major life update from that random person you met at a party once freshman year.

3. The Inbox Cleanse: In 10–15 minutes each day over the course of one work week, overhaul your email habits so you never have to slog through a messy inbox again.

4. The T-Shirt Drawer Cleanse: Watch a few episodes of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix to learn the basics of her ~method~, then start super small and focus on just one category of clothes.

5. The Work-Life Balance Cleanse: Commit to working only during work hours *and* eating lunch away from your desk every day, at least for one week.

6. The Expiration Cleanse: Go through and toss (or recycle!) everything in your home that is past its date, including food, beauty products, sunscreen, cleaning products, and yes, even condoms.

7. The Judgement Cleanse: Take the time to notice your judgmental thoughts about yourself and other people, and try a few techniques to cultivate compassion and curiosity in their place.

8. The Ex Cleanse: Delete your text chats and their numbers. Ditch the box of pictures, cards, gifts, and other trinkets stashed in the back corner of your closet. You don't need that stuff in your life anymore.

9. The Grudge Cleanse: Try a couple practical tips that just might help you let go of the resentment you've been harboring.

10. The Germ Cleanse: Spend an afternoon cleaning and sanitizing all the most bacteria-, virus-, and fungi-ridden things that you touch pretty much every day.

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11. The Bedroom Cleanse: Make one small change every night over the course of five days that might actually help you sleep better for the months and years to come.

12. And the Bedtime Cleanse: Dedicate yourself to going to bed and waking up at the same time each day for a week, including on the weekends. To make it a little easier, adjust your evening routine so you're more likely to be tired when that time rolls around.

13. The Bottomless Bag Cleanse: Completely clean out the backpack, work/gym bag, purse, or diaper bag that you've been using for months. Empty out every. single. last. thing.

You, feeling proud after trying even just one of these cleanses:

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