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19 Surprising Things That Can Actually Expire

Car seats, fire extinguishers, and even potatoes can be dangerous past a certain date.

It's pretty easy to know when things like milk and eggs go bad. And other things, especially foods, have clearly marked expiration dates on their packaging.

But here we're talking about products that don't always have a listed "expiration date," but will lose their effectiveness over time.

1. Potatoes

2. Bleach (and Other Disinfectants)

3. Sunscreen

4. Power Strips and Surge Protectors

5. Spices

6. Fire Extinguishers

7. Car Seats

8. Mascara

9. Loofahs

10. Batteries

11. Smoke Detectors

12. Liquor

13. Lotion

14. Hydrogen Peroxide

15. Lipstick

16. Insect Repellent

17. Running Shoes

18. Disposable Razors

19. Bike Helmets

Pro tip: Use permanent marker to write the day of purchase on anything you have that might expire.