The One Thing You Never Noticed About Beauty Products

    Check your labels, fam.

    Getting new beauty products is a lot like gaining a lot of new babies to love without having to go through labor.

    And the best damn feeling in the world is covering your body* with new makeup.

    But while we're focused on the freaking beautiful children we've just adopted...

    We're not paying attention to this lil' symbol on the label.

    If you use a product past its expiration date, the product either becomes ineffective (*cough* sunscreen *cough*) or it can possibly cause a bacterial infection.

    Every beauty product should have the jar and number symbol on its packaging — whether it's on the product itself or on the disposable packing it comes in.

    The countdown begins the day you open the makeup — not the day you buy it.

    And here's the easiest way to make sure you never use expired products again.

    Stay in the know, peeps!