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    This Useful Scraper Is The Ultimate Way To Clean Your Cast Iron Pans

    Say goodbye to stubborn, stuck-on messes.

    Do you love cooking (or just eating home-cooked meals), but not so much the crusty, cooked-on residue that remains on your cast-iron after frying up your favorite meal? Or the baked-on sauce leftover on your sheet pan after roasting vegetables week after week?

    Enter: this set of two pan scrapers. Sturdy, with a sharp edge, they tackle all kinds of impossibly stuck-on gunk and grime — on basically any surface — *without* the risk of scratching.

    Y'all, these things are satisfyingly, ruthlessly effective.

    And I'm not the only one convinced! Literally 2,425 people on Amazon swear by these useful little tools (that also happen to be dishwasher-safe).

    And reviewers have found uses for the scrapers all over the place! They work on stainless, nonstick, and glass pans as well as cast iron — and they also ~shine~ when you're cleaning glass cooktops, stuck on stickers and labels, candle wax, and more.

    It's like the longer you have one, the more uses you find. This person used theirs to clean out the drippings from their portable grill:

    BTW, some reviewers say it hurts to hold because of the sharp-ish edges — which, that's totally fair! But there's a smart hack to solve that problem, if you encounter it. Just use your sponge as a grip:

    Oh, and unlike so many things in this world, one scraper can last for years.

    So if you like simple, useful, multipurpose tools and clean your cast iron pan (or other similar messes!) regularly, get two Lodge pan scrapers on Amazon for $5.25. And this could be you:

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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