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    24 Products Under $10 That'll Actually Solve All Your Small Problems

    Kiss all (or, well, most of) your little complaints goodbye.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of hydrocolloid patches that can make some of even the worst pimples disappear literally overnight.

    2. A pack of ant baits to entice whatever summer ants you've been battling to their ultimate doom.

    3. A can of powder cleanser to clean all kinds of impossible stuck-on gunk when you thought no amount of hardcore scrubbing could possibly help.

    4. This cute little brown sugar bear — it keeps brown sugar perfectly moist, so you never find your self hacking at a rock-hard clump, hoping to somehow make cookies.

    5. A simple magnet that'll put a stop to any confusion the members of your household have about whether they need to be loading or unloading the dishwasher.

    6. An avocado saver to keep that second half flawlessly fresh so you can enjoy it even two or three days later.

    7. Did You Feed the Dog, a useful switchboard for any home with at least one dog (or cat, or fish) and multiple people who don't want to accidentally end up feeding their pets three times in one evening.

    8. A precisely-angled soap dish that lets any extra soap and water drain back into your sink, so you never deal with a soggy bar again.

    9. An easy-stick headphone hanger — it will keep your favorite pair at the ready under your desk, so you always know where to find them but they don't take up any of the precious square footage on your desk.

    10. A pack of oil blotting sheets perfect for anyone with oily skin who doesn't feel like washing their face four times a day.

    11. A dishes squeegee — it lets you clean off plates for the dishwasher in half the time spraying water does...and if you're not rinsing dishes, you're saving water.

    12. An oven thermometer for anyone who always seems to burn their baked goods — it will show you the actual temp, so you can adjust accordingly.

    13. A tub of K-beauty aloe vera gel that can soothe and hydrate your summer sunburns, and even relieve that itchiness that plagues you as soon as the sunburn starts to peel.

    14. A pack of two blindspot mirrors you can use either to make parking and maneuvering easier or just to make sure your boss doesn't snoop on you when you're procrastinating.

    15. A pair of heel inserts that claim to finally give you the arch support your feet demand and deserve, and potentially relieve your plantar fasciitis.

    16. A can of odor eliminator spray — it can de-funkify the smelliest gym clothes and especially the grossest-smelling athletic shoes.

    17. This powder remover — a little dry sponge that takes off all the leftover eyeshadow on your favorite shadow brush, so you can easily switch between colors in no time.

    18. A jewelry helper so you can actually wear your favorite bracelet even when no one's around to help you put it on.

    19. A pair of pet nail clippers that pretty much anyone could use successfully, without causing your pet any undue distress.

    20. An adorable cable guard so your phone has a new friend — but mostly so your charging cable stays functional for many years without getting all frayed and twisted.

    21. A multifunctional kitchen tool that'll let you clear out your cluttered kitchen drawers because it replaces at least three other utensils.

    22. A universal nail polish holder so you can sit and paint your nails basically anywhere (in bed, on your couch, in the backyard) without having to find a flat surface for the bottle to sit — or to help you ~weed your vinyl~ (Cricut users know what I mean).

    23. A set of three-prong bed sheet fasteners that'll stop your fitted sheets from creeping up on the corners once and for all.

    24. A pack of two toothpaste squeezers so you can easily extract every last bit because, hey, you paid good money for that toothpaste.

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