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40 Funny Products That Are Actually Useful

"Hahahha, oh.... wait, I need this!" —you, in like two minutes.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

2. A clear shower curtain with pockets so you can multi-task on mornings when you're running late to work.

First you laugh, and then you realize how much easier it would be to give your kid a bath if Dora the Explorer was on.

Promising review: "Absolutely love this shower curtain! It is worth every penny. BTW if you feel like there is too much space in the pocket where you insert your device, just put a small hand towel or rag behind the device after insertion and you will be good to go." —Jonnisha Lewis

Get it from Amazon for $26.95.

3. A cat hammock so your feline friend can relax and look out the window when you don't have any windowsill space.,

Reviewers said that adding a blanket will encourage cats to snuggle up on it.

Promising review: "After a year of good use, the cats still favor this bed. It has held up well and stays in place well. I wiped both the window and the suction cups with 91% alcohol before attaching. That seems to work!" —Z

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.


4. A karate (lettuce) chopper sure to make Spongebob proud.

Promising review: "Sufficient for maiming dangerous heads of lettuce as well as other harmful fruits and vegetables. Also serves as a very good human slapper! Most importantly, I can decapitate a dangerous zombie in as little as 50 chops. I highly recommend this product." —SaraSals

Get it from Amazon for $8.90.

5. A gnome or corgi cork stopper so the fun doesn't have to stop when the drinking does.

6. Or a wine condom for people who won't stop saying "penis grigio."

See BuzzFeed's full review for wine condoms.

Promising review: "One of the greatest gifts ever. Practical yet hysterical." —Sal Vation

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $13.97.


8. A video game-inspired light switch for people who just really miss having a pressable button on their iPhone.

It works on paddle-style wall switches.

Promising review: "This light switch cover adds to the gaming theme of my room. The buttons feel like they're high quality and won't break on you. Makes a boring switch in your house have style to it, and I would highly recommend it." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $7.95 (available in six colors).


12. Or some breasts if your audience still giggles at the sight of them.

Promising review: "Got this as a gag gift for my aunts! They absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop laughing when they opened it! Such a perfect gift especially for a person who loves boobs and smokes." —Jannah

Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (also available in legs or a butt).

14. A pair of bread slippers, aka loafers to keep your feet warm and toasty.

Promising review: "I saw this on Facebook a while back and could NOT stop laughing about the pun.... loafers!!!!! Then I happened upon them on Amazon, and I just had to. They are super soft to the touch. Super happy with this purchase!" —Rose Ingraffia

Get them from Amazon for $17+ (available in sizes M–L and seven styles).

15. A tin of Shakespeare band-aids that add insult to injury (but still make great bandages)., Archie McPhee

It comes with 15 bandages and a secret prize!

Promising review: "Not only are these clever, they're also durable. I'm a server, so I wash my hands 50 times a day, these stayed on my finger all day!" —Jhasmine

Get it from Amazon for $6.88 or Walmart for $8.25.


16. A Cheesus Christ cheese grater for when you're doing the lord's work and making mac and cheese.

*Jeff Mangum voice* I love you, cheesy tots.

Promising review: "This is an excellent product. We've gotten a lot of use out of it. This can actually be used to grate cheese, which is much more essential than you think. Did you know that the shredded taco cheese you buy at the supermarket has wood chips in it? It's true. The wood chips keep the shredded cheese from clumping together. Don't eat wood chips. Find Cheesus Christ!" —Jehovah God

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

18. A Darth Vader shower head so you can bathe in his tears. What a rebellious way to get clean!

Promising review: "Bought for my boys' bathroom and they love it. Has made showering very enjoyable for both of them. Highly recommend and would buy again." —Aidsha V.

Get it from Amazon for $19.49 or Walmart for $19.99.


20. A foaming clay mask to turn skincare into a total gigglefest.

Promising review: "Love it! Bought it after I found it on YouTube. It's very fun to wear, but it actually works really well too! Less annoying and flaky than the drying charcoal masks I normally buy. My skin is cleaner, but not dry and tight, after using it. My pores look smaller and it has definitely helped with my blemishes!" —Autumn

Get it from Amazon for $10.12 or Walmart for $10.48.

21. A knit beanie with a built-in beard so you can enjoy the warmth of facial hair without having to invest in beard oil.

Promising review: "This mask and beanie combo is every bit as funny as it is functional. Worked out great as a white elephant gift present...everyone at the party wanted to try it on!" —Masta' C

Get it from Amazon for $5 (available in three colors).


25. A weird and wonderful shower curtain for anyone who doesn't want anyone (except Jeff Goldblum and his primate friend) to see them shower.

Promising review: "This is the best purchase I have made a while. It's decent quality and fits perfectly. My small bathroom now has a huge Jeff Goldblum in it and I couldn't be happier." —Kelsey

Get it from Amazon for $15.69+ (available in two sizes).

27. A pet umbrella that might seem silly until your dog finally agrees to go out in the rain.

Promising review: "My Duds now goes outside when it's raining without a problem! Great price, I did a lot of homework before I purchased it and this price is right! It's really a clever idea." —Alina Gavryliuk

Get it from Amazon for $16.50.


28. A clever trivet to turn your cooking into a crime scene. That tomato sauce suddenly looks sinister.

Promising review: "I received this as a wedding present and I love it. It looks great in my kitchen and always gets a laugh." —AmandaS

Get it from Amazon for $16.97.

30. Wine lip tint to stain your lips almost as well as if you just downed a bottle of merlot.

Promising review: "These are some great little lipsticks (or should I say tints) for the price. At first I had bought them for the package sake (because little wine bottles are so cute!) and I wasn't expecting a good product! Man, I was wrong! As a lip tint they are great (they are a bit streaky in the application process but many lip tints are) and the colors are beautiful!" —Hope

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $8.74.

31. A pair of salt and pepper shakers that spend their time "porking" when not seasoning your food.

Promising review: "Good for a laugh gift to bawdy pig lovers. They do the jobs they are meant to do. Use your own discretion to decide if this is appropriate for the circumstance." —Theresa L. Owen

Get them from Amazon for $10.99.


32. Cord ties with long tongues to keep you from getting your wires crossed.

34. Box o' Balls — red cedar balls you can use to eliminate unwanted smells in your shoes, laundry bags, or wherever things are getting a little ripe. Plus the name is sure to make you smile.

Promising review: "These were the perfect gifts for the guys in my family at Christmas. Everyone loves them and they smell great. My husband has been keeping them in his gym bag and they work wonderfully!" —Christina C.

Get them from Boarding Pass for $9.95.

35. A hilarious little face scrubber to help you remove excess oil and dirt. Your face will be blackhead free, but you might have more smile lines after using this little guy.

Promising review: "These are such a cute idea. it's like a mini face massage. It's not rough or abrasive but feels really nice when washing your face. It definitely works the face wash into the skin more than your hands alone. It's really relaxing." —sonz107

Get it from Amazon for $12.99 or Walmart for $8.98 (available in three colors).


36. An elephant ottoman that's part furniture and part furry pal.

IDK why, but the little wooden legs are just cracking me up.

Promising review: "I really love this ottoman!! It's soft and the easy to put together! It looks like really good craftsmanship and it looks great in my son's elephant themed nursery." —OstkUser27016859

Get it from Overstock for $61.19.

37. Dr. Jart's rubber mask shaker so your face can be as smooth as the baby face on the packaging.

This may look like a super weird baby milkshake, but don't drink it! Instead use it to mix two ingredients together to make a rubber peeling mask. There are four types to choose from that deal with different needs: hydration, soothing, brightening, firming.

Promising review: "Just finished trying the Hydro mask and I can confidently say it’s one of the best face masks I’ve ever used. I loved it so much that I’m definitely returning to Sephora this weekend to buy a few more. First, the packaging is just so cool that I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this product. Kudos, Dr. Jart+. Secondly, the whole process was so unique and fun! It’s goopy, and kind of reminds me of that slime you made in science class as a kid. I was amazed at how easily it peeled off all in one piece. Super neat and clean with no mess or hassle which is A+ for me! My face feels buttery soft and when I looked in the mirror, my jaw dropped because my super dry, dull winter skin instantly looked hydrated and healthy. I’m not exaggerating...usually I’m not blown away by face masks but my skin seriously looked 10 times better, so supple and smooth!" —jordoelizabeth

Get it from Sephora for $12 (available in four types).

40. And a magical bunny pourer that can double the amount of shots you pour — talk about useful!

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