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    22 Cleaning Products Under $10 That People Actually Swear By

    Your home is going to SPARKLE.

    1. A microfiber duster to banish all those dust bunnies loitering in your home, rent-free.

    2. A disposable toilet cleaning wand that works so well it will feel like you're a cleaning wizard wielding a real wand.

    3. A helpful squeegee you can hang in your bathroom, so you can easily wipe away excess moisture after each shower.

    4. A (social) lifesaving cleaning solution to remove pet stains and odors so you can finally have guests over again.

    5. Packs of garbage disposer cleaner that foam up and leave your sink smelling lemony fresh.

    6. A set of brushes to get into those hard-to-reach places like windowsills.

    7. A three-pack of silicone scrubbers that last longer than regular sponges and smell just peachy.

    8. A pack of screen cleaning tools to help you bring your phone and tablet back to their former glory.

    9. A bottle of Goo Gone you can count on to cut through sticky residue, like for example, a dollar store price sticker on something you're giving as a gift.

    10. A long bristle brush that will help you reach the very bottom of even the slimmest bottles.

    11. A container of polishing wipes to help bring a shine back to your jewelry and silverware.

    12. An Angry Mama you can use to steam up your microwave, making it easier to wipe away crusted marinara grime.

    13. A furniture polish and cleaner to wipe away years of neglect from all your family's passed-down furniture.

    14. An oven and stovetop cleaner so you can be the one person who actually has a sparkly stove.

    15. This helpful dishwashing fish that works just like a Scrub Daddy but with an aquatic shape.

    16. A blade brush you can use to clean cutlery without risking injury.

    17. A grout cleaner that will make you realize your floor is actually five shades lighter than you thought.

    18. A wood floor cleaner sure to entice you into recreating the iconic scene from Risky Business.

    19. A pack of Magic Eraser-dupes that work just as well as the real deal at zapping away smudges and stains.

    20. A tiny brush set for helping you do a deep clean in those nooks and crannies.

    21. A flexible drain cleaner with tiny fibers that pull up all that gross gunk and hair.

    22. A four-way leather brush that costs a lot less than a new pair of boots.

    Because we can't all expect woodland creatures to clean for us.

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