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21 Gorgeous DIYs That Only Look Expensive

Prepare your paintbrush and screwdriver.

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1. Draw on dollar-store dishes to make your own Marimekko-inspired set.

They're not supposed to look perfect, and you can erase with rubbing alcohol if you mess up! New Markimekko dishes can cost $38.50 for a single plate. Get the tutorial here.


3. Customize inexpensive pillow covers with fabric paint and masking tape.

Pillow covers can be unbelievably pricey, but this way, you can make the ones you like for about $20 (Here are some plain $7 cushion covers). Here's how to make these.


9. Attach legs to a thrifted suitcase or toolbox to make a cute sidetable that doubles as storage.

Here's the tutorial, although you'll mostly need to follow the instructions for the legs you buy. You can find all sorts of legs here.


13. Make a simple coffee table with cinder blocks and a glass top.

You could paint the cinder blocks to make them look a little more finished, if you wanted. A 30x36-inch sheet of glass is $15.98 here, and a set of "bumpers" (to keep the glass from sliding around) is $1.75 here. From here.



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