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    21 Gorgeous DIYs That Only Look Expensive

    Prepare your paintbrush and screwdriver.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Draw on dollar-store dishes to make your own Marimekko-inspired set.

    They're not supposed to look perfect, and you can erase with rubbing alcohol if you mess up! New Markimekko dishes can cost $38.50 for a single plate. Get the tutorial here.

    2. Hang a gallery wall made up of all your favorite prints.

    Just print them off your computer and frame them (with thrifted frames). Here's how to make a floating frame like the one above.

    3. Customize inexpensive pillow covers with fabric paint and masking tape.

    Pillow covers can be unbelievably pricey, but this way, you can make the ones you like for about $20 (Here are some plain $7 cushion covers). Here's how to make these.

    4. Attach drawer pulls to a marble tile from the hardware store to make a v. glam vanity tray.

    Here's the tutorial. To get a single tile, you'll probably have to go to your local hardware store and ask.

    5. Paint your own doormat to match your own taste and style.

    This one is a Pottery Barn knockoff ($11 vs $37). Here's the tutorial, and here's where you can buy a blank mat.

    6. Make your own clock with a simple clock kit.

    Here's how to make one with marble contact paper, and here's how to make one with wrapping paper. You can get a clock kit for $7.99 here and a plain clock face for $7.99 here.

    7. Arm-knit an oversized cozy throw.

    Since it's arm-knitted, you only pay the cost of the yarn (no needles required). Here's the tutorial, and you can get a more in-depth step-by-step on arm knitting here.

    8. Paint this $35 changing table and pile on the booze to make a bar table.

    Jessica Castro Photoraphy /

    Because it's unfinished wood, it's super simple to paint. Here's the tutorial.

    9. Attach legs to a thrifted suitcase or toolbox to make a cute sidetable that doubles as storage.

    Here's the tutorial, although you'll mostly need to follow the instructions for the legs you buy. You can find all sorts of legs here.

    10. Build your own set of honeycomb-shaped shelves out of popsicle sticks.

    Buzzfeed Nifty

    Knockoff those $100 shelves for a fraction of the price (a box of 1000 popsicle sticks is $11.49 here). Here's the tutorial.

    11. Etch a herringbone pattern into glass in your cabinets with translucent glass paint.

    Of course, if you're renting and the cabinets are built-in, you'll want to check with your landlord first. Here's the tutorial.

    12. Fancy up your nightstand with marble contact paper and a new drawer pull.

    Here's the tutorial, although if your nightstand already has drawer pulls, you won't have to do any drilling.

    13. Make a simple coffee table with cinder blocks and a glass top.

    You could paint the cinder blocks to make them look a little more finished, if you wanted. A 30x36-inch sheet of glass is $15.98 here, and a set of "bumpers" (to keep the glass from sliding around) is $1.75 here. From here.

    14. Paint a simple canvas drop cloth to make a patterned rug.

    Although it's not ideal for high-traffic areas, it's beautiful in bedrooms. Here's the tutorial, which includes a review for how well it actually works as a rug.

    15. Frame your posters with wooden slats and twine.

    All it requires is drilling four holes — four holes, you can do it! — in inexpensive wooden slats, then screwing them together. Here's the tutorial.

    16. Attach a wooden base to a basic plastic planter for a Mid-Century-inspired cactus garden.

    They're also topped with white sand to make them extra desert-y. Here's the tutorial.

    17. Spray a thrifted window or glass picture frame with Looking Glass spray paint to make an oversized mirror.

    Here's the tutorial, which uses this paint, $12.99. You can turn any glass surface into a mirror, depending on what you can find!

    18. Stencil a design onto a plain white shower curtain in your bathroom colors.

    Here's the tutorial for the ombré effect.

    19. Paint two discarded bricks and use them as bookends.

    Assuming your shelves aren't packed end-to-end. Here's the tutorial.

    20. Print out your favorite photos and tape them to gift box or shoe box lids.

    Then decorate the sides of the lids with washi tape, and hang on removable adhesive hooks. Here's the tutorial.

    21. Hot glue your favorite silk flowers on a wreath for a welcoming front door decoration.

    This one uses ribbon on a cheap wreath form, too. Here's the tutorial.

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