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    50 DIY Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home Instantly

    Even you can do it — yes, you!

    We rounded up the easiest ways to for you to spruce up and organize your home instantly. Keep scrolling for the craftiest decor ideas from DIY blogs and BuzzFeed staffers.

    1. Create your own customized candle labels.

    labeled candles

    2. Makeover your stairway in just a few *steps.*

    3. Spruce up your blank walls with a framed coral fan spray.

    framed coral fan sprays

    4. Create a "brainstorm board" for your office.

    desk with a yellow brainstorm board hanging over it

    5. Paint over that tile fireplace that you're sick of looking at.

    6. Stuff your own ottoman and then relax on it.

    fluffy white ottoman

    7. Spend a rainy day in front of the TV making your own rug.

    feet on a rug with pillows and a blanket

    8. Decorate your fridge with washi tape or spray paint.

    painted stripes on the fridge

    9. Give an old globe a second life by cutting it in half and adding a clock kit.

    10. Decorate your flower vases with a confetti design.

    11. Draw on dollar-store dishes to make your own Marimekko-inspired set.

    flowers drawn on plates and cups

    12. Customize inexpensive pillow covers with fabric paint and masking tape.

    diagonal lines painted on pillows

    13. Add some nature to your walls with DIY leaf art.

    Leaves frames

    14. Make your own clock with a simple clock kit.

    marble clock on the wall

    15. Make a lil' wool cactus to store your pins in.

    wool cactus in a pot with pins sticking out of it

    16. Build your own set of honeycomb-shaped shelves out of popsicle sticks.

    honeycombed storage with towels

    17. Make a hula hoop headboard.

    hula hoop wrapped in wool with a wool design going across the middle

    18. Construct a light-up marquee sign in the shape of whatever word you choose.

    the word HEY lit up

    19. Paint a simple canvas drop cloth to make a patterned rug.

    rug with a diagonal pattern in a room

    20. Frame your posters with wooden slats and twine.

    wooden ends framing a photo

    21. Attach a wooden base to a basic plastic planter for a midcentury-inspired cactus garden.

    wooden base on a planter

    22. Paint two discarded bricks and use them as bookends.

    gold and teal painted bricks on a bookshelf

    23. Build a vintage-y breakfast tray out of plywood.

    tray with a coffee maker on top of it

    24. Print out your favorite photos and tape them to a gift box or shoe box lids.

    large photos hung on a wall by the shoe box

    25. Create this super cute wall grid that's actually just a few wire shelves.

    wire shelves on the wall holding photos

    26. Give your fridge a polka-dot makeover with contact paper dots.

    27. Make your own trendy marble and gold side table.

    28. Embrace minimalism with this cinder-block desk.

    29. Organize your measuring cups and spoons with these adhesive hooks.

    cabinet door with measuring cups hanging from hooks

    30. Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring.

    31. Knit this bulky blanket that's warm in the winter and gorgeous year-round.

    32. Framing your bathroom mirror will make it "sit" nicely with the rest of your decor.

    33. Turn your address number into an address planter.

    tools being used to create a planter

    34. Throw some glitter onto your pillows.

    35. Spruce up your mirror by glueing tiles around the border.

    hand placing tiles on a mirror

    36. Make an easy bar for your balcony out of a piece of countertop and table legs.

    tall bar top placed on the balcony ledge

    37. Balance a marble tile on a copper pipe frame for a pretty plant stand.

    38. Build your own hanging wooden shelves.

    shelves on a wall holding decor

    39. Adhere copper leaf to a framed mirror that you already own.

    40. Glue old picture frames onto wooden boxes for pretty framed shadow shelves.

    41. Add some frills by making your own wall hanging.

    yarn hanging from different sized hoops on a wall

    42. Add simple legs to an Ikea table top for a midcentury-style coffee table, if you prefer to skip the cushioned ottoman.

    43. Construct this vertical storage solution for pots and pans that save a ton of space and take less than ten minutes to set up.

    44. Cover an ugly planter in pretty rocks for your front steps.

    planter with flowers outside

    45. Screw some hairpin legs to a stained or painted crate to create a cute storage space.

    wooden crate table

    46. Turn a 1x1 cubby into a sleek side table.

    47. Adhere some gold leaf to canvas pillow covers to make statement pillows.

    glitter pillows on a couch

    48. Use fabric medium and acrylic paint to turn a cheap remnant rug into a custom statement piece.

    rug under a kitchen table

    49. Become an overnight artíste with this easy art idea.

    framed art on a mantel

    50. Finally, repurpose any type of wood pallet into a rustic wall clock.

    This article contains content from Natalie Brown, Jemima Skelley, Peggy Wang, Emily Shwake, Mallory McInnis, Rachel Sanders, Alison Caporimo, and Alessia Santoro. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.