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    18 Things That Actually Make Cleaning Toilets Incredibly Easy

    Total transformations.

    1. A pumice scouring stone that, with a little light scrubbing, makes rust, calcium, and other mineral buildup disappear right before your eyes.

    2. A toilet gel you can stamp just under the rim to clean the bowl each and every time it's flushed, keeping your commode sparkling clean for up to 10 weeks in a row.

    3. Or an easy-to-install kit to turns almost any tank toilet into a self-cleaning toilet. That's right: You may never have to scrub the bowl again.

    4. A compact toilet brush that only seems basic at first: its cover pops open when you pick it up, then closes when you set it down.

    5. Or a brush with a similar canister design that *also* features special bristles so you can deep clean under the edge of the rim.

    6. An overnight tank cleaner because your bowl will probably stay nicer for longer if the water you use to flush sits somewhere that's not thickly caked with rust.

    before: the rust-caked tank described below and after: the same tank, with only small amounts of rust remaining

    7. A toilet wand system — its single-use, disposable sponges come preloaded with disinfecting cleaner, so all you have to do is scrub your heart out.

    8. A natural toilet bowl cleaner because if you're sensitive to chemical smells, sometimes something a little lighter (that actually works!) is just what the doctor ordered.

    Hand dispensing cleaner from bottle with neck angled to easily get under the rim

    9. An electric scrubber that spins on its own, so all you have to do is give it some cleaner to work with, then wave it around to totally transform a grimy toilet inside and out.

    10. An acidic toilet bowl cleaner — it promises to work on mineral deposits, and reviewers swear it does, especially where other products have failed.

    11. Some Magic Erasers designed specifically for bathroom cleaning, so you know they'll knock out all kinds of grime and hard water buildup with very little elbow grease.

    12. An elegant brush with an oil-rubbed bronze holder because you shouldn't have to sacrifice your bathroom's aesthetic for a clean potty.

    toilet brush in oil rubbed bronze with black bristles next to its cylindrical holder; the lid for the holder is halfway up the toilet brush's stick

    13. Or a brush with a genuine marble canister so you can adorn your throne room with that little something extra.

    The rectangular canister, brush with nickel-plated handle, and plastic interior canister

    14. A magic spray duo because it'll make that yucky mold in your tank, bowl, or on your seat disappear like it was never there — then actually prevent it from growing back again.

    mold before and afters on wood, boat seats, tile and grout, and vinyl siding

    15. A powerful toilet bowl cleaner specifically formulated to neutralize that pesky ring of lime and rust.

    four bottles of lysol lime & rust toilet bowl cleaner, with angled necks to make it easier to apply under the rim

    16. Or a powder cleaner that you can count on anytime you need a deeper, more powerful overhaul of your rust-ridden pot, but have ZERO intention of scrubbing.

    17. A bottle of disinfecting spray because now that the inside of your toilet is as fresh and clean as possible, it's time to sanitize the surfaces your hands touch most — the seat and the flush handle.

    model sprays bottle of windex disinfectant on window; it has a foaming texture

    18. And finally: a gentle-scented spray that blocks bathroom odors before they even get started, so your bathroom always smells clean no matter what.

    spray bottle of poo-pourri before-you-go toilet spray in lemon scent

    You, enjoying your toilet that looks, smells, and just plain is sparkling clean:

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