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    40 Mother's Day Gifts She'll Actually Use Every Day

    Mother's Day is Sunday May 12th...are you ready?

    1. A faceted crystal-like water bottle — it will be a delight for her to carry around because it makes even plain tap water look beautiful.

    2. An adorable magnetic key holder shaped like a cloud, so she can think of you each time she leaves, and every time she gets home.

    3. A bottle of Trader Joe's Everything Bagel Seasoning because it'll instantly add a salty, garlicky, onion-y crunch of flavor to everything she sprinkles it over, from avocado to popcorn to roast veggies and SO much more.

    4. And some Mike's Hot Honey for adding just the right amount of spicy sweetness to pretty much anything she cooks or eats.

    5. A set of three incredibly moisturizing lip balms that come in tinted and un-tinted options *and* taste delicious, so she'll feel like she's treating herself every time she applies them.

    6. The One Line A Day journal: each page asks her to record a little about that calendar date over the course of five years, so as she flips through each year again, she can reflect on how much has (and hasn't!) changed.

    7. Or because you know her well and suspect she'd prefer something with a prompt, a One Question A Day journal that has a similar concept — one quick thought each day, over the course of five years — but with specific queries to answer.

    8. A Kindle Paperwhite — it's waterproof and glare-free, so she can read her favorite books in the bath or on the beach without a worry.

    9. A color-coded cutting board and mats set if she loves to cook but hates cleaning up, because you only have to wash the small mats each time, not the entire board.

    10. A cozy, plush robe that's personalized with her name (or just "Mom"!) because she deserves a little time to just lay back and relax in something soft.

    11. A Squatty Potty because it just might buy her back some time in her busy day. Or just because it actually works!

    12. A sturdy but lightweight purse insert so she can effortlessly swap bags every day or even twice a day, and finally carry all her favorite styles in a regular rotation.

    13. The Makeup Eraser, which does exactly what it was designed to: instantly wipe off every last bit of makeup using *only water*.

    14. An overnight hydrating and brightening face mask that will make the perfect luxe addition to her evening skincare routine.

    15. A chic electric toothbrush because it will make this twice-daily habit feel a little fancy, too.

    16. A fancy French butter crock, which makes it easy to keep fresh and spreadable room-temperature butter right on the table next to the salt and pepper.

    17. A breakfast sandwich maker so she can streamline her busy mornings but still enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal.

    18. A 10-piece cookware set because you want to show how grateful you are for the many meals she made you through the years... plus it's past time to upgrade those much-loved pots and pans.

    19. A jewelry cleaning pen so she can instantly shine up all of her favorite silver necklaces that you've given her on previous Mothers Days.

    20. An adjustable-tilt laptop desk because sometimes we *all* have to get work done, but something about doing it on the couch makes it 1000 times better.

    21. An incredibly soft faux-fur throw she can toss over the couch for movie marathons or spread over the bed for a sophisticated upgrade that doesn't break the bank.

    22. A foaming shower gel and nourishing body cream so her morning showers can feel even more relaxing than they already do.

    23. A pair of perfectly clear blue light–blocking glasses ideal if she happens to work at a computer all day long — they could help reduce eye strain and maybe even help her get better sleep.

    24. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that she'll both actually wear every day and *enjoy* wearing, because it's lightweight, oil-free, and (at least for many people!) can help calm breakouts.

    25. An Aura digital photo frame so you can keep her updated with photos from your life (as many as you want!), no matter how far away you live.

    26. A soy wax candle especially designed to eliminate any lingering cooking or pet odors, so she can have peace of mind knowing the house always smells clean.

    27. An acrylic makeup organizer that will put everything at her fingertips but only require a 9x5-inch corner of counter space.

    28. A teensy spatula because you know she'll appreciate how it makes it incredibly easy to scrape up every last bit of product from tiny jars.

    29. A pack of creaseless hair ties so she can minimize the amount of hair breakage while still trying out the latest half-up, half-down throwback hairstyle from her childhood.

    30. Some airtight OXO pop containers because they keep food fresh for longer than the original packaging ever possibly could, all while making everything in her pantry or cabinets very straightforward to find.

    31. A gold bangle that secretly happens to be a backup phone battery, so she's never caught without a charge.

    32. Or a compact and lightweight portable charger — it works with any outfit because it simply slips into her pocket or bag.

    33. A water-resistant bluetooth speaker small enough for her to carry from the bathroom to her home office, so wherever she is in the house she can listen to her favorite music or podcasts.

    34. A set of dual-ended makeup brushes that will save space in her makeup bag because it's like having ten brushes in one.

    35. Or a faux-pearl-filled makeup brush organizer so she can feel extra glam anytime she reaches for an eyeshadow brush.

    36. A cold brew coffee maker that she can pop in her fridge overnight for several day's worth of smooth iced coffee.

    37. A seat gap filler for her car because it's 2019 and no one should have to dig their phone out from that abyss between the seat and the console anymore.

    38. Did You Feed The Dog, a switch pad to make sure your family pups (or kitties or fish or piggies) can't ever trick multiple humans into feeding them two breakfasts and three dinners.

    39. A Lily England rose gold detangling brush, especially if you know she struggles with brushing out knots. It's flexible bristles glide through tangled hair, gently and painlessly loosening strands.

    40. A powerful blender that will make delicious breakfast smoothies or fun tropical drinks at the press of a button.

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