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23 Things That Accurately Depict The Difference Between Your Early 20s And Late 20s

Wow, I had so much energy back then.

1. In your early 20s, every night is a good night to go out.

2. In your late 20s, your idea of a good night is when you actually get to stay home.

3. Your taste in drinks? They go from this...

4. this.

5. When you're 21, your morning after looks like this.

6. But when you're 28, every morning looks like this.

7. Your diet in your early 20s looks something like this...

8. ...and going out to eat is something like this.

9. By your late 20s, you go to fancier places like this...

10. ...but your everyday diet is nowhere near as exciting.

11. When you're 21, your Saturday mornings are reserved for sleep ins.

12. But by 28, you look forward to getting up at 8 a.m. to make the farmer's market.

13. When it comes to skincare, you can get away with only using a cleanser in your early 20s and still look like a radiant angel.

14. But within five years, you need a multi-step process and heavy-duty eye cream to look half alive.

15. When you're younger, you care SO MUCH about what people think of you.

16. But the older you get, the more you realise that what you think about yourself is way more important than what anyone else thinks of you.

17. In your early 20s, you are friends with, like, a million different people.

18. While in your late 20s, your close friends are smaller in quantity, but higher in quality.

19. At 21, you've got all the time in the world to have fun and pursue your passions.

20. But in your late 20s, while you finally have some coin to back up those dreams, you have so little free time.

21. Plus, you are literally tired ALL THE TIME.

22. And while you might look back at your early 20s and realise that you've made a few mistakes...

23. know that they made you who you are today, so you wouldn't change a thing.