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7 Satisfying Mixes To Listen To This Week

One-click electronic, rap, country, and soul for late February.

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2. Wednesday — Jerome LOL, LA [Download]

Use these marching remixes, that make great pop like Justin Timberlake and Adele even better, to set the pace for your midweek workout.


5. Saturday — HBK Gang, East Bay [Download]

Mancy / Via

As you get dressed to go out, check out this introduction to California’s energetic twenty-something auteurs. Pulled from rap radio rotation: Sage the Gemini’s “Gas Pedal” and Iamsu’s “Only That Real.”


7. Monday — Ron Morelli, New York/Paris [Download]

Bryan Derballa/The FADER / Via

While you're catching up on emails, stream life-affirming rare soul cuts from Vivian Vee and Norman Connors. First aired on underground radio in 2010, then saved for the Internet by L.I.E.S. label-head Ron Morelli.