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20 Ha-LOL Memes That Summed Up Your Ramadan This Year

With a little imagination, Ramadan Kareem can sorta rhyme with 'dank meme'.

1. This betrayal.

2. This legendary food baby.

3. This "five more minutes" regret.

4. This overly enthusiastic imam.

5. This mastery of stealth.

6. This sleep cycle struggle.

7. This essential safeguard.

8. This dietary preference.

9. This caffeine vs. food struggle.

10. This "better safe than sorry" attitude.

11. This inane question.

12. This persistent bad habit.

13. This level of thirst.

14. This irrefutable fact.

15. This appetite management blunder.

16. This test of endurance.

17. This utter lack of restraint.

18. This feeling of relief.

19. This reminder that patience is a virtue.

20. This struggle, period.