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#Draw4Atena Is Viral Protest

After Atena Farghadani, a 28 year-old Iranian artist, was sentenced to 12 years in jail in her home country, cartoonists, artists, and activists have been posting drawings under the hashtag #Draw4Atena to protest her incarceration.

nadyapa 4 years ago

The A-Z Of African Dance

The Dance Hall, an urban dance center in Senegal, put together a definitive a-z list of African dance moves. It includes everything from Azonto to Zoropoto. Try busting these out next time you're trying to catch a cutie's eye.

nadyapa 4 years ago

27 Movies Every English Major Should Watch

You’re gonna need a bottomless bowl of popcorn, some wine, and a sympathetic friend who doesn’t mind you interrupting to explain what a Grail Quest trope is.

nadyapa 4 years ago

10 Fantastic Movies About The South Asian Diaspora

Being Indian by way of Texas can sometimes put me in a cinematic lurch - all-white casts don’t represent me and my Hindi isn’t good enough for Bollywood. But filmmakers are taking on the hyphenated identity more and more. These are some of the best movies about the South Asian Diaspora. (unsurprisingly 6/10 have to do with marriage and 3/10 have Kal Penn in a starring role)

nadyapa 4 years ago

On India's Daughter

India's Daughter, a documentary about the infamous Delhi Gang Rape, was released last month. Many people have spoken for and against its showing. It has been ultimately banned from release in India.

nadyapa 4 years ago

Wizarding Schools From Around The World

Lena of Asheaths on Tumblr creates gorgeous (and often non-Eurocentric) headcannons of wizarding schools from around the world. Her travel guide-style imaginings of how wizards and witches in places besides the UK takes inspiration from the Harry Potter series but they also bring in local folklore and geography to fully illustrate the global magical experience. Some of her best entries are listed below. (They're a bit long but totally worth it)

nadyapa 4 years ago

12 Times You Proved You Weren't Really A Kid Person

For those of us who take the long way to avoid colleagues and their new baby photos. For the ones who found every excuse to not babysit in high school even if it meant taking extra classes or being extra broke. For the people who have no discernible maternal or paternal feelings to anything except baby animals. This is for you.

nadyapa 5 years ago

How Much Do You Really Know About 2014?

2014 saw the boiling over of mass protests in nearly every corner of the globe. While peaceful demonstrations happened in some countries, violence and conflict took over others. Were you paying attention?

nadyapa 5 years ago