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Dec 2016
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    mysticp commented on If You Work In IT, Tell Us The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Had To Explain To Someone

    I was working for a major cable company, and I had an elderly gentleman on the phone trying to get his remote control programmed. I said “press 9-9-1 and it will blink twice. Press 1 again” when I hear “beep beep boop. Boop” of the buttons on the phone being pressed. I said “that’s… 

    3 months ago

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    mysticp commented on People Are Sharing Celebs They Don't Think Should've Been "Canceled" And They Make Some Points

    Kathy Griffin. Seriously. No photograph could ever merit the treatment she suffered. She lost jobs, even CNN fired her in one of the most hypocritical moves I’ve ever seen. Her friends deserted her (I’m looking at you, Anderson Cooped!!). She was harassed and threatened constantly.… 

    9 months ago

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    mysticp commented on Which Book Needs To Be Turned Into A Movie Immediately?

    I can't imagine too many people here have read it, but Katherine Kurtz's Legends of Camber of Culdi. It's a beautifully woven story that fans of Game of Thrones would really enjoy. No dragons, though

    4 years ago

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