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Which Book Needs To Be Turned Into A Movie Immediately?

Recommend any books you've read that you can't believe haven't had the film treatment yet.

Some of our most treasured movies ever originated as books.

Universal Pictures

Whether it's a huge series that you loved and couldn't wait for there to be a screen version.


Or a film you didn't even realise had started life as a novel.

Elevation Pictures

Some have been adapted from some really interesting non-fiction stories.

20th Century Fox, William Morrow and Company

While some novels have gone on to be the biggest films of our time.

Alfred A. Knopf
Universal Pictures

But there are still many that haven't ~yet~ been turned into movies and are CRYING OUT for the screen treatment.

It could be a classic you can't believe hasn't been adapted yet...

Little, Brown and Company, Alfred A. Knopf

Or a new book you've read that you can totally imagine as the next big rom-com.

Pan Macmillan

Tell us which books you've read that absolutely need to be turned into a movie in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!