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Which Book Needs To Be Turned Into A Movie Immediately?

Recommend any books you've read that you can't believe haven't had the film treatment yet.

Some of our most treasured movies ever originated as books.

Whether it's a huge series that you loved and couldn't wait for there to be a screen version.

Or a film you didn't even realise had started life as a novel.

Some have been adapted from some really interesting non-fiction stories.

While some novels have gone on to be the biggest films of our time.

But there are still many that haven't ~yet~ been turned into movies and are CRYING OUT for the screen treatment.

It could be a classic you can't believe hasn't been adapted yet...

Or a new book you've read that you can totally imagine as the next big rom-com.

Tell us which books you've read that absolutely need to be turned into a movie in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!