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    Machine Gun Kelly Is "Just A Broken Boy Who Has Peter Pan Syndrome" And Megan Fox Is His Wendy, According To Him

    Musician and actor Colson Baker opened up about his newest film, Taurus, and how he and the chaotic character have many similarities, including "Peter Pan syndrome" and a complicated relationship with fame.

    Machine Gun Kelly is "just a broken boy who has Peter Pan syndrome."

    MGK chewing on a small item atn an event

    In a live episode of Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast, MGK (real name Colson Baker) opened up about his latest adventure — the 2022 film Taurus.

    Taurus features Colson as Cole, a rising but self-destructive musician. It also stars Ruby Rose, his fiancé Megan Fox, and Maddie Hasson as his assistant, Illana.

    Colson sticking his tongue out as he sits next to an actress, who's also sticking her tongue out, at the Berlinale film festival

    "[Illana] understands that [Cole] was just a broken boy who has Peter Pan syndrome — which is me," Colson said.

    "You don't want to grow up. You know what I mean? You're a lost boy, but you have Wendy, and Wendy doesn't want to be with the lost boy, but she's like, 'Come back home and be a grownup with me.' And you watch Peter Pan have the choice."

    Then, interviewer Scott Feinberg asked, "Who's been the Wendy for you?"

    MGK being interviewed onstage

    "Must I say?"

    Colson was alluding to Megan Fox, who lives in the headlines with her pop-punker fiancé, ruffling feathers over their wild antics and controversial Halloween costumes.

    In case you missed it, the pair dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee at a Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Beverly Hills, California.

    Then they dressed up as a priest and vinyl-clad woman in submission, which received very mixed reactions.

    Hopefully, MGK's latest role will give the audience another insight into his acting range. Beyond the rapper/rocker persona and problematic headlines, he has an ultimate goal.

    "What I want to be is a great friend and a great father and a great man to my lady and still be able to find some way where I can have this dream." Then he referred to a 2022 film he starred in and created. "In the comedy Good Mourning, I wrote this line that just like so many of my lines will go over people's heads. He's trying out to become Batman in Good Mourning, and he chooses to go find his girl instead of going to the Batman audition, and there's this line where it's like, 'You can't have your job and have your love.'"

    And then he continued, "Lose the girl, save the world or don't save the world like Batman would. Basically, it's making fun of the fact that there's always an ultimatum between your career and your home life. I don't want to be the most successful man and be lonely and look like a certain motherfucker does right now."

    According to the interview, like his character in Taurus, Machine Gun Kelly has a complicated relationship with fame. "I can’t explain what it is like every day when you wake up, there’s screams for you, you walk outside of your bedroom, you walk out on the street. And then I’ve lived those years when the screams stopped."

    Based on his music and controversial persona, people are certainly screaming.

    If you wanted to check it out, here's a trailer for Taurus.

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