Keke Palmer Isn't Just A Die-Hard Fan Of "The Sims 4," Now She's Going To Be A Streamer, Too

    Now, she can add video game streamer to her résumé.

    There's no doubt about it. Keke Palmer had some of the best announcements in recent months.

    I was over-the-hills excited when she announced the launch of KeyTV, a digital platform spotlighting a new generation of creators.

    Keke Palmer

    My jaw crashed to the floor when our suspicions were confirmed when the Nope actor announced she was pregnant on Saturday Night Live.

    And I was tickled pink when Ms. Palmer "accidentally" confirmed that she was having a baby boy on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

    Keke Palmer and Jimmy Fallon

    But one of the best Keke Palmer revelations occurred when she hopped on Twitter to ask for help with The Sims 4.

    I’m on a Mac and I have a bad cc in my game that keeps making my Sim look crazy after she showers. I’m thinking it’s a cc and not a mod but I guess I gotta go through in find it? I’m so irritated.

    Twitter: @KekePalmer

    It quickly became apparent that Keke was no amateur gamer. She used special game modifications (like WickedWhims, the sex, and nudity mod) and custom content to enhance her gameplay. Keke was a true gamer, and I was obsessed.

    The 29-year-old actor and TV personality is hilarious on-camera, so when she started voicing the interactions between her Sims on Instagram Live, of course, everybody tuned in. It was pure comedy.

    @KekePalmer playing the sims the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    @imnotchase / Via Twitter: @imnotchase

    “This is the storyline,” Keke said live while playing The Sims 4. “Me and my homegirl, she was messing with her, and she gave her STDs. That’s why she’s glowing like that. So, I’m going to fight Tina on behalf of my girl.”

    The fact that down-to-earth Keke is not just a fan of one of my favorite video games, but a whole seasoned veteran, proves she’s a national treasure.

    And then, she announced she finally launched her Twitch channel! I'm literally screaming.

    I figured out my Twitch finally! I stopped at nothing last night getting into my set up haha. All very new to me, but, if you guys ever wanna watch me plays Sims 4 it’s; itskekebabii 😘

    Twitter: @KekePalmer

    Do you know what this means for the gaming community and the fandom of Keke Palmer? We are on the precipice of the best streaming content on the internet because Keke knows how to host a show and tell a good story.

    Her Twitch channel is itskekebabii (you're welcome), and it looks like she's not limiting herself to playing The Sims 4. She's out here giving sit-down chats about her pregnancy journey, free styling, and more.

    Keke Palmer's Twitch page

    In a world where we crave a moment to just smile and have fun — Keke provides, y'all.

    Everybody, go check out her channel and be prepared to laugh your ass off.