Jennifer Lopez Released A Three-Part Musical Project Titled "This Is Me...Now," And The Cameos Are Blowing My Mind

    "Haters gonna hate, but in the end, JLo keeps winning."

    Don't be fooled by the success that she's got; she's still Jennifer Lopez from the block.

    Jennifer Lopez in a luxurious fur coat and sunglasses, posing at an event

    On Feb. 16, J.Lo dropped her ninth studio album, This Is Me... Now, a three-part project documenting her search for love, self-discovery, and, of course, her reunion with Ben Affleck.

    closeup of the two in formal attire at an event

    The release will be followed up by a third component, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, which is a behind-the-scenes documentary inspired by love letters from Ben. It will be released on Feb. 27.

    the two in 2002, ben in a suit with a tie, and jen in a white fur coat

    But, we need to talk about the second component, which was released simultaneously with her album, This Is Me...Now: A Love Story. It's a narrative-driven musical film now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

    closeup of j.lo dancing emotionally

    There are three things J.Lo is excellent at — singing, dancing, and acting — and we get all three in this hour-long musical journey loosely based on her adventurous love life.

    J.Lo performing on stage with two dancers, wearing a dramatic coat over a cropped top and pants

    While the musical companion film is the perfect cinematic experience to wrap Jennifer's serial romances to and back to Ben, the cameos really blew me away.

    j.lo and ben riding off in a motorcycle

    This Is Me... Now: A Love Story's star-studded cast included rapper Fat Joe...

    Joe in glasses and sweater sits pensively in a room with a clock on the side table

    ...the legendary actor and activist Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda in a sci-fi costume with a spiked crown and metallic arm pieces

    ...hilarious host and comedian, Trevor Noah

    Trevor in a judge's robe, holding a book, in a courtroom setting

    ...the envelope-pushing singer-songwriter, Kim Petras

    Kim with ornate crown and embellished outfit stands before a dark, decorative backdrop

    ...the cuddly tatted-up rapper/singer, Post Malone

    Post Malone in elaborate costume with a lion-faced chest piece, thick beard, and fur cloak, gesturing widely in a stone room

    ...the multi-hyphenated "always keep a bag," Keke Palmer

    Keke in costume with wing-like shoulder detail, standing in a fantasy-themed setting

    ...the beautifully talented actor, Sofía Vegara

    Sofia in a bejeweled crown and ornate dress, posing dramatically, evoking a fantasy or royal theme

    ...beloved author and life coach, Jay Shetty

    Jay in a detailed costume with headdress sits beside a CGI creature, expressing surprise or conversation

    ...the brilliantly quirky astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Neil deGrasse Tyson dressed in a cosmic-themed outfit with a decorative collar, on a sci-fi set

    ...the spiritually renowned founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhguru

    Sadhguru in traditional attire, posing against a textured backdrop

    ...Tony Bellissimo, Trevor Jackson, AND Derek Hough, as her incredibly handsome dancing husbands

    Jennifer and Derek at a formal event, seated at a table with wine glasses, surrounded by decorative lighting and flowers

    ...and not one, but two iconic "Mother of Black Hollywood" Jenifer Lewises.

    Two Jenifer Lewises sit at a table with intricate decor, in a ceremonial setting

    And then, you won't believe who plays the character Rex Stone.

    Ben in costume makeup on TV news set with headline about true love and soul mates study

    J.Lo was in her bag with this three-part project showcasing her triple-threat talents, and it comes right after Vogue announced her as one of the co-chairs for this year's Met Gala, alongside Zendaya, Bad Bunny, and Chris Hemsworth.

    zendaya, bad bunny, and chris hemsworth

    While J.Lo claimed this might be her last album, based on the fan's reactions to her latest projects, she might want to reconsider retirement and keep the momentum going.

    Film rating graphic showing "This Is Me... Now: A Love Story" with an 81% Tomatometer score and 92% Audience score

    Here's what fans have to say about Jennifer Lopez' latest projects:

    I gotta give it to JLO this film is EXACTLY what I want from an artist with a love life as discussed as hers #ThisIsMeNow

    — yours truly🫧 (@jamelisyours) February 16, 2024
    Fox/Twitter: @jamelisyours

    new jlo album sounding so good

    — a (@confideinmimi) February 16, 2024
    Twitter: @confideinmimi

    jlo praise all over the TL. she plays chess not checkers.

    — live, laugh, levi (@hatsonwigs) February 16, 2024
    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution /Twitter: @hatsonwigs

    Beyond anyone's expectation or opinion on where JLo stand in the music industry... Having the skill, the vision & the ambition to create something like #ThisIsMeNow is extremely commendable.

    It may be a little outlandish at times, but I'm so highly impressed. POUR INTO IT!!!

    — [JamesDerry'l] (@jamesderryl) February 16, 2024
    Twitter: @jamesderryl

    New JLo album is literally hit after hit. So old school and New York, they don’t make albums like this anymore.

    — air (@mandelaareola) February 16, 2024
    Twitter: @mandelaareola

    Not JLo bringing back that pop/r&b mix sound effortlessly, wait a damn minute this album #thisismenow

    — 👨🏻‍🔬♐️ (@oralysis) February 15, 2024
    Debmar-Mercury/Twitter: @oralysis

    #ThisIsMeNow was a exciting blend of music & film while showcasing the beauty of loving yourself without depending on love 😌 YOU GO @JLo

    — comfy bear-face 🐻 (@Blvck_Picvsso) February 16, 2024
    Amazon Prime Video/Twitter: @Blvck_Picvsso

    Woke up with JLo praise on timeline?! It’s been rough out here, I love this for us!!! #ThisIsMeNow

    — 👨🏻‍🔬♐️ (@oralysis) February 16, 2024
    MTV/Twitter: @oralysis

    I love how the hate for JLo on this app is not transpiring to JLo's career in real life. Critics are praising #ThisIsMeNow album and film left and right. Haters gonna hate but in the end JLo keeps winning. Her sales are soaring too and that's a great start for this era. ❤️💐

    — Donna Oares (@donnaoares) February 16, 2024
    Amazon Prime Video/Twitter: @donnaoares

    one thing about JLo she always gonna serve budget and choreography

    — migo (@aintitfunny) February 16, 2024
    Amazon Prime Video/Twitter: @aintitfunny


    — marcmagt (@marcmagt) February 16, 2024
    Amazon Prime Video/Twitter: @marcmagt

    Stream This Is Me... Now: A Love Story on Prime Video.