These 19 Celebs Clapped Back At Body Shamers In The Best Way Possible

    The Internet still can't accept the fact that different bodies exist.

    If there's one thing you're guaranteed to find on social media, it's miserable trolls.

    Emboldened by online anonymity, people feel far too comfortable attacking someone's appearance. Celebrities tend to be subjected to more of these insults than anyone could imagine.

    As hurtful as it is to be body-shamed, these celebs made sure to get the last word on the trolls that mocked them.

    1. Melanie Lynskey

    Melanie Lynskey posing for a photo in front of a wall of green leaves

    2. Lizzo

    Lizzo holding a microphone

    3. Lili Reinhart

    Lili Reinhart posing on a red carpet

    4. Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt posing on a red carpet

    5. Kourtney Kardashian

    Kourtney Kardashian on a red carpet

    6. Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston sitting on a chair

    7. Rihanna

    Rihanna posing on a red carpet

    8. Jonah Hill

    Jonah Hill at a press conference

    9. Gigi Hadid

    Gigi Hadid on a red carpet

    10. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith posing on a red carpet

    11. Matt McGorry

    Matt McGorry posing on a red carpet

    12. Gabourey Sidibe

    Gabourey Sidibe posing on a red carpet

    13. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl

    14. Charlie Puth

    Charlie Puth posing on a red carpet

    15. Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson smiling

    16. Valerie Bertinelli

    Valerie Bertinelli sitting

    17. Kumail Nanjiani

    Kumail Nanjiani posing for a photo

    18. Megan Thee Stallion

    Megan Thee Stallion sitting during an interview on Jimmy Fallon

    19. Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel sitting on a talk show stage