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12 Reasons To Suspect Mrs. Claus Is Cheating On You

Ho-Ho-How could you?

1. She just seems distant nowadays.

2. She never sits on your lap anymore.

3. She always puts on fancy new bonnets before going out, but she never puts on fancy bonnets for you anymore.

4. When she goes out "for candy canes" but doesn't get home until 4 a.m. and didn't even get candy canes.

5. And she also comes home reeking of elf.

6. Your highest ranking workshop elf, Winkles, won't make eye contact with you anymore.

7. When she bakes cookies for you that are clearly GUILT COOKIES.

8. Then you look on her phone and see this text from Winkles the elf.

9. And this text.

10. And this text

11. And this text.

12. And this text.

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