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12 Reasons Santa Claus Should Be Your Next Boyfriend

You can call me Daddy Christmas. ;)

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As you might have heard, your main man Santa is back on the market. Here are just a few of the many reasons I'm actually a total catch and anyone, whether they were already married to me or not, would be lucky to be with me.


3. One workday a year = lots of time to be active.

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With my 364 free days a year, I like to get out there and throw the football around, take long walks by the beach, and go on romantic hikes through the forest. You want to play hooky on a random Tuesday and take a day trip up the coast? I'm down.


9. I can tell you which of your friends are actually your frenemies.

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I'm supposed to keep the naughty list top-secret, but let's just say you should keep an eye on your old "pal" S-a-m.