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12 Reasons Santa Claus Should Be Your Next Boyfriend

You can call me Daddy Christmas. ;)

1. I have the fullest beard of any man you'll ever meet.

2. And I'm actually really buff under all that velour.

3. One workday a year = lots of time to be active.

4. I'll never forget to give you presents.

5. And I always know exactly what you want. ;)

6. I'm great with animals.

7. I love chocolate.

8. I might be centuries old, but I use my plentiful free time to stay current.

9. I can tell you which of your friends are actually your frenemies.

10. If you're looking for a "partner in crime" ... you found him.

11. My other ride is a magical flying sleigh. ;)

12. I'm very comfortable with toys. ;)