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    It was started yesterday by Brighton University student Lizzie Durley and already thousands of people have been wrapping clear tape around their face to make themselves look like grotesque ogres. The Facebook page in question is going crazy; in less than a day has reached 80k+ fans and people from pretty much everywhere are posting these photos. There is plenty more on the page. Want to give it a try? ;)

  • Craziest App To Book Your Hotel

    You might remember that crazy skydiving stunt did last year for the launch of its smartphone hotel booking app. Now,, is at it again and with this stunt you can really see the speed with which travelers can book a hotel room at the last minute. Stuntman Andy Bell tries to book a hotel room in Pamplona while bulls run after him…

  • Air-babes sky-high marketing stunt

    VietJet Air, the leading low-cost carrier in Vietnam, was recently fined $US 1,000 by the aviation authorities for organising a dance show during its first flight to the city of Da Nang, a beach resort. The marketing stunt in itself was not particularly great; just a bunch of beautiful stewardesses dancing in bikini tops and sarongs. Passengers on board the flight seemed to appreciate the airline’s effort though as many travelers used their mobile phones and video cameras to catch the action. A VietJet Air spokesperson later said that having a dance in bikinis seemed appropriate given the destination is a beach resort and the fine was given because they had not asked for a permit from the authorities. The stunt might not be the most original ever but videos and photos are going viral. After all a $US 1,000 fine is a tiny price to pay compared to the worldwide exposure the airline is getting. Here is a short clip.

  • The world’s first instant direct mail

    Pfaff, the biggest Porsche dealer in Canada, transformed the regular boring flyer, which usually ends up in the trash bin, into a clever and effective piece of direct marketing. Pretty simple; they took a Porsche 911 Carrera S to rich Toronto neighborhoods and took photos in front of various homes. Photos were immediately processed and made into customised direct mail postcards inviting the homeowners to schedule a test drive.

  • Kia, a not so obvious race event

    Kia Colombia recently held a racing event where all the competing cars had to race…backwards! The point of all this was to show off the benefits and advantages of Kia‘s latest models (Optima and Fortes) featuring the rear-view camera system. The result of this stunt is that over a thousand cameras were ordered directly after the event! A little dangerous but nicely done. PS: drive safely, always :)

  • Push To Add Genius Marketing

    Belgium TV channel TNT recently used this action packed marketing exercise to promote the launch of its TV drama channel. They placed a giant red button in the middle of the square of a Flemish town, marked with a sign that said “push to add drama.” Would you push the button?

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