Coolest Facebook status trick

Impress your friends and update your Facebook status via the Moon, your BlackBerry or even via a message in a bottle!

Let’s see how to do this trick:

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Now copy the code below and paste it in the address bar.

(Please note: if you are using a proxy site on Facebook then the url code will look like this - api_key=2254487659)

3. Update your current status and click share.

That’s it. Your status now will be updated depending on the code you’ve entered. Below follows a list of codes you can use to change your status; just copy the code within brackets and paste it to replace last part of the url.

1. My Bedroom (174811032586879)
2. Your moms computer (132386310127809)
3. Skynet (249284985083592)
4. Blackberry (2254487659)
5. Palm (7081486362)
6. Sidekick (21810043296)
7. Sony Ericsson (38125372145)
8. Xbox LIVE (5747726667)
9. Foursquare (86734274142)
10. Telegram (140881489259157)
11. Morse Code (134929696530963)
12. Message in a Bottle (123903037653697)
13. Mind Computer Interface (121111184600360)
14. eyePhone (110455835670222)
15. Toaster (203192803063920)
16. Microwave (0a5266c8844a1b09211e7eb38242ac2f)
17. Strawberry (a4c9fb1708a848c2241674531176209b)
18. The moon (221826277855257)
19. Dr. Pepper (eea90d40e1d12565695dbbbdbd5e965b)
20. iPod Nano (142039005875499)
21. Your Mums Bedroom (5f64bbc9ac2f12b983200925da461322)
22. Refrigerator (250828364944350)
23. NASA Satellite (31d608d30292175bf7703149699ccb39)
24. Google+ (4d8243dbb7064f88351fe6c809582320)
25. Smoke Signal (134138923334682)
26. The Future (108372819220732)
27. Typewriter (d3d554bf60297cb2c384e3d7cf5a066d)
28. Harry Potter (b8ebeb983f45eaa0bd5f4f66cad97654)
29. Pogo Stick (185103391549701)
30. Sperm Whale (170318539700306)
31. Microsoft Excel (242740155751069)
32. A potato (127926427295267)
33. Banana Phone (1477a4cd29ec724a3de19be5d26e0389)
34. Pip Boy (142806259133078)
35. Post-It Note (115227201900831)
36. Airwolf (123944137696757)
37. Nintendo 64 (236264753062118)
38. Alcohol (250335888312118)
Cheese (218791271497130)

Have fun now, and for other cool Facebook tips and tricks click here.

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