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Air-babes sky-high marketing stunt

VietJet Air, the leading low-cost carrier in Vietnam, was recently fined $US 1,000 by the aviation authorities for organising a dance show during its first flight to the city of Da Nang, a beach resort. The marketing stunt in itself was not particularly great; just a bunch of beautiful stewardesses dancing in bikini tops and sarongs. Passengers on board the flight seemed to appreciate the airline’s effort though as many travelers used their mobile phones and video cameras to catch the action. A VietJet Air spokesperson later said that having a dance in bikinis seemed appropriate given the destination is a beach resort and the fine was given because they had not asked for a permit from the authorities. The stunt might not be the most original ever but videos and photos are going viral. After all a $US 1,000 fine is a tiny price to pay compared to the worldwide exposure the airline is getting. Here is a short clip.

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Click here for a similar stunt by Finnish airline Finnair.

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