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    Yara Shahidi Is Set To Become The First Black Tinkerbell, And I Can't Stop Smiling

    "I’m excited for this next adventure!"

    You know Yara Shahidi. Black-ish actor, fashion icon, passionate activist, and inspiration to us all.

    Yara Shahidi in a high-neck dress

    Well now the 20-year-old is out here changing the game. Yara was just cast as the first Black Tinkerbell ever!!

    Yara smiling next to an image of Tinkerbell smiling

    In a recent Instagram post, she made the announcement by sharing some gorgeous artwork (by @alexcollectsofficial) portraying her as Tinkerbell.

    "Thank you for all of the love," the Grown-ish actor said in the caption. "It truly means so much to me. I’m excited for this next adventure!"

    Yara laughing with her hair down in a strapless dress

    Blessing us with Yara as Tinkerbell is Disney's latest move to increase diversity in live-action films. You might remember that Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel in an upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid. Let's hope this trend continues!

    Halle smiling beside an image of Ariel smiling

    Just last week, Yara spoke at the 2020 Emmy Awards about the significance of on-screen inclusivity.

    Yara smiling with her hair up in dangling earrings and a patterned dress

    "The stories we tell on TV shape how we see ourselves in others, and how we are seen can many times determine how we are treated," she said.

    Yara with her hair up, long swirling earrings, and holding her hand on her chest

    "The dream of television is the freedom to live our full and nuanced lives outside of boxes and assumptions. We continue to strive for a more complete definition of inclusivity."

    Yara wearing her hair up and a feathery coat

    Congratulations, Yara, for making that dream come true on the big screen! We love to see it!!

    Yara holding her hands up in two peace signs