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    50 Unique Tattoo Ideas That Are Actually Good

    Now I want a new tattoo.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their favorite tattoos. Here are some of the coolest submissions:


    Instagram: @fravegatattoo /

    "I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was 16. Almost 20 years later, and it’s still what gets me through the hard times. I’ve been through a lot, and the phoenix feather reminds me that I’ll rise up through the ashes of whatever fire I just went through." —nessawillson


    "I got this tattoo in memory of my dad, who passed away when I was 15. Sunflowers were his favorite flower, and this tattoo reminds me to always stay positive just like he always did." —yaelleq


    "It's a sign in ASL which means 'I love you.' I've always had hearing problems growing up and was ashamed of it, but I have fond memories of signing this frequently. This tattoo is behind my right ear, which is the ear I have the most hearing loss in." —sarebasketcase


    "I’ve got two poppy flowers on my ankle. I directed a show called Oz my senior year of high school, which solidified my dream of being a professional director. I will always look back on Oz as being one of my favorite shows I’ve ever directed." —bookieburns


    "Sailor Moon has been one of my favorite shows since I was a kid in the early '90s." —melissad401894180


    "My favorite Shakespearean quote, from The Tempest. Even though in the play it has a slightly different context, I’ve always loved the idea that everything you’ve done makes up who you are, but it’s only the start; what’s yet to come is the real story." –ellyi



    "I got this for my high school graduation. I’ve always been drawn to The Starry Night since I was a kid so seeing it on my arm every day makes me smile." —cerinar


    "My husband and I got little wheat stalk tattoos. We were inspired by something our pastor said about marriage: 'Love the harvest more than you hate the hard work.'" –candicei


    "My father was a contracts attorney for Mobil Oil, and their logo is a pegasus. My father was born in the year of the horse and also passed in the year of the horse. The pegasus has taken on so much meaning for me now because it’s a horse with angel wings." —strcar


    Instagram: @jamesharness

    "This tattoo is for my grandma in Ireland. It’s a lattice flower, native to that area. She raised me and I love her." –jamesharness


    "This is my tattoo inspired by To Kill A Mockingbird. Books have always been my first love, and this was the greatest love I ever had." —cassnathanson


    "Wearing the color yellow around my grandpa was an inside joke between him and the grandkids. Whenever one of us would wear yellow, he would tickle us until we laughed so hard that we could barely breathe. I got this tattoo of one of the yellow sunflowers from his funeral to always be reminded of him." –marybe2nicole2


    "I got these little rainbow dots to show that I'm proud of who I am, and it makes me happy whenever I look at it." —hannahcbsat


    "My younger brother absolutely loves dinosaurs! He can name every one, and we grew up playing with Jurassic Park toys and loving every film. My favorite tattoo embodies this and my love for my only sibling." —estxx_kristine


    "I absolutely love elephants and decided to get one for life. The best part is that my parents who hate tattoos don't mind it. It's on an area of my foot that's easy to hide, and it's super cute!" –kellied4af1826e4


    "Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess, so of course I had to get this." –supergoodfeelin


    "Perfect sister tattoos of the mathematical sign of congruence. We are the same blood, but different people." —addarifrancesca


    "I’ve got a magnifying glass on my hand because I’m the biggest murder mystery fan ever." —georgea4cf7567f5


    "This is a quote taken from Patton Oswalt's comedy special, Annihilation. I got it tattooed to help remind me that the world is chaos for everyone, and it's always better to choose kindness." —karlyb4358af021


    "I got it after a solo trip to Africa where I learned to embrace all parts of me. You can be shy, quirky, and sweet and still be strong. It took me a long time to own that." —sierraf4d867c585


    "This is a rhododendron, the plant my parents planted in their yard when they were pregnant with me. It grew with me, and I felt like I needed to honor it." —emmahazelton8


    "My mom’s kisses." –megb49


    "I wanted a tattoo that acknowledged how much I’ve survived through my life, to say 'I’m still here.' Labyrinth is my favorite film of all time so it’s a perfect quote." —sarahp4386d6cb8


    "This one is for my two cats! They’re both very adventurous so the forest was a good fit for them!" —howdybeth


    "My best friend drew this tattoo for me – they're my favorite flowers, and it's actually her hand that's holding them (she has little heart tattoos on that spot on her hands). It has so much meaning to me because it's a way that she'll always be with me." —ahyespuns


    "My Mulan concept art tattoo." —bookishlee


    "Olives are my favorite food, and now I can quite literally extend the olive branch." —emalynw


    "I got my Edward Scissorhands tattoo for my 18th birthday – it represents creativity despite any personal battles or adversity. And the flower was a last minute addition – it’s from Hadestown which also has to do with creation." —frankentai



    "My favorite tattoo is the Roman numerals of the date I had my leg amputated. It was the day my life started again." —torie_snelvis


    "My tattoo represents feminism and also the importance of not giving a shit. It reminds me that it's my body, and I can do what I want and love who I want." —myak4097


    "I’ve been in love with The Phantom of the Opera since I was eight, and I’ve seen it live in New York four times. It made me interested in theater, and now I’m a theater makeup artist. It’s my dream to work on this show one day." —nathanvh


    "I got my tattoo after my dad died. I read the poem I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In) by E.E. Cummings at his funeral." —aliciam4fa6


    "This tattoo is a dedication to my grandparents who passed away. Our family spent countless summers and holidays at my grandparents's lake house. I will never forget those times, and I will love and cherish my grandparents forever." —katwomn


    "Growing up, my mom used to tell me, 'love by the moon, live by the stars, and the oceans guide you home,' and I’ve kept that with me." —itsscandacee


    "This beautiful geometric dot work piece is both simple and complex – just like life." —staceyr41d390dfe


    "I got this when I started struggling with the rejection that came with dating after getting diagnosed with an STI. I had to remind myself that no matter how much I feel betrayed by my body or how hurt I feel when it’s rejected, it is still worthy of love from myself and others." —maryl4c0869465


    "My daughter Brielle wrote her name for the first time when she was only two 1/2 years old. I saved the piece of paper for five years until I could figure out the perfect placement." —mimim1



    "My thigh piece was done in memory of two good friends who lost battles with depression. It reminds me every day to keep going." —edenp


    "My dad died of cancer last year. He was a musician and a surfer. This tattoo is the outline of one of his oldest guitars with a wave inside. The night sky has two stars, one for him and one for his mom (my grandma) who died a year earlier. This tattoo means so much to me, and I love it so much." —mandik4c8539048


    "My best friend and I got matching tattoos on our forearms. She taught me to knit, and when we get together, you can bet we’re knitting and drinking tea or coffee!" —0621


    "This one is my Star Wars–inspired tattoo. I'm a huge fan, and R2-D2 is my favorite character." —siestaz


    "My husband and I got our matching tattoos in honor of our five-year wedding anniversary. We both love soccer and traveling." —khinezarh


    "My favorite painting is now with me always." —ktl62


    "Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated with the majestic beauty of elephants. I have also always admired Salvador Dalí as an artist. I spent years choosing the right Dalí-esque elephant tattoo." —christinamaryu


    "When my mom turned 70, I jokingly said, 'Hey mom, let's get your first tattoo for your birthday.' She agreed. My mom, sister, niece, and I all got different hummingbirds, my mom's favorite bird." —k4e39fd4aa


    "Matching yin and yang tattoos." —cheyenneh4d1c9e817


    "I've always been obsessed with The Little Mermaid." —arewethereyeti

    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.