Aug 2015
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    mirandamarier commented on "So Smug And Rude": People Are Sharing Their Memorable Interactions With Celebrities, And While Most Are Lovely, A Few Were A Real Bummer

    A few weeks ago I was up in Seattle for the Taylor Swift concert, and my sister, friends and I ran into HAIM on a street corner the night before the first show. We went up to talk to them and they were incredibly kind. They offered to get a photo with us and stood there talking to… 


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    mirandamarier commented on What's The Funniest Way Your Food Order Got Misinterpreted?

    One night in college I was up late studying, so my friends and I decided to head to McDonalds to get a pick-me-up. I ordered some chicken nuggets with ranch. They gave me a bunch of ranch dumped in a nugget container. Sadly, I didn’t realize it until I got back home and started studying… 


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    mirandamarier commented on Do You Have A Tiny Or Subtle Tattoo?

    Music has been central to who I am my whole life, and I have always wanted a tattoo that represented that. However, my family is super against tattoos. So I ended up getting this simple, tiny one on my ankle so it wouldn’t be as noticeable. I love it so much, and whenever I feel lost… 


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    mirandamarier commented on Tell Us About Your Favorite Place On Earth

    The Columbia River Gorge! There are so many incredible hikes, viewpoints, and waterfalls that run along one of the most scenic highways of the country. You can always find a new place to explore or a new adventure to go on. Plus there are some really cool places to visit like the… 


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