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    "SNL" Roasted The Hell Out Of The CDC's Announcement That Vaccinated People Don't Have To Wear Masks

    "The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks...except if you go to most places."

    This week, the CDC made the very controversial announcement that fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks.

    Three women in a crowd, one not wearing a mask, one wearing a surgical mask, and one wearing a surgical mask below her chin
    Andreas Solaro / Getty Images

    Obviously, Saturday Night Live had a lot to say about that! Colin Jost and Michael Che, playing news anchors, reported on this development during the "Weekend Update" sketch.

    Colin Jost and Michael Che as anchors on SNL

    They pointed out that the announcement is kind of useless, which, fair.

    Colin saying, "The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks...except if you go to most places," with a list of various places where masks are still required behind him

    They also poked fun at President Joe Biden's choice of words during his statement.

    Colin saying, "After the announcement, President Biden told Americans to 'take off your mask and smile," and then saying, "Even though 'take it off and smile' is the first example in every workplace harassment seminar"

    Then they offered Dr. Anthony Fauci some pretty damn good advice!

    Michael saying that studies say that some men who've had COVID-19 have erectile dysfunction and can even lose penis size and then advising Dr. Fauci to use that to get people to get vaccinated: "Forget 'stop the spread,' it should be 'stop the shrink'!"

    And they had the PERFECT response to the latest microchip news.

    Colin Jost saying, "IBM announced that it has created the world's smallest and most powerful microchip" and then "Not now!" with an image of a needle being put in someone's arm with the headline, "Vaccine conspiracy theories"

    You can watch the full SNL sketch here:

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