Jonathan Van Ness Spoke About Their Four-Year Friendship With "Bridgerton" Actor Nicola Coughlan

    Best friends forever!

    Jonathan Van Ness is taking over the world: Queer Eye star, hair extraordinaire, Getting Curious podcast host, and everyone's biggest cheerleader. I just can't get enough of them!

    Well, did you know that JVN is friends with Derry Girls and Bridgerton actor Nicola Coughlan?

    Like, really good friends!

    During a recent interview with BuzzFeed, JVN spoke about how they met.

    JVN smiling during his BuzzFeed interview

    "We met on Instagram. I was obsessed with Derry Girls already."

    Nicola and three other girls dressed in school uniform and sitting on a bench in a scene from Derry Girls

    "She made a hoodie of me and then tagged me in it after Queer Eye had been out for two weeks."

    Put on the new @QueerEye and lasted 2 seconds into the opening credits and I’m already crying, I love it so, so much Of course I’m wearing my @jvn jumper, need you even ask? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

    Nicola Coughlan / Twitter: @nicolacoughlan

    "I was like, 'Oh my God!' And then we've been friends ever since. It's actually been almost four years," they concluded.

    In an interview with People, Nicola shared that the friends' loved ones have also gotten close.

    Nicola smiles at a red carpet event

    "It felt like we had met before. It just felt like we'd been friends forever," she said.

    "Then, our friend groups just sort of melded together."

    "The fact that our friends and family know one another and have love for one another — that's incredibly special, and it's rare in the world. It just means so, so much, honestly," she concluded.

    Aww. Talk about #friendshipgoals!