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Hey Cuspers, It's Time To Figure Out Your Generation, Once And For All

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So, we've all heard about Gen Z calling out millennials for being uncool, and the older generation fighting back. But if you're a cusper, you might be feeling a little conflicted. Luckily, this quiz will sort you into the right generation so you know which side to take!

  1. When you hear the name JoJo, who do you think of?

  2. Do you remember writing on VHS tapes with sharpies?

  3. What do you think of when you hear the words "tick tock?"

  4. Did you ever rank your Top 8 on MySpace?

  5. When you think of Ice Cube's acting, which movie comes to mind?

  6. Did you grow up watching Hannah Montana or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?

  7. Which jeans do you prefer?

  8. Was your first cell phone a flip phone?

  9. When you hear the word "milli," what do you think of?

  10. Did you memorize your friends' phone numbers so you could do three-way calls on your landline?

  11. When you hear the name "Harry," who comes to mind?

  12. Did you grow up watching MTV shows like Next, Date My Mom, and Room Raiders?

  13. And finally, which hair parting do you prefer?