14 Things Men Do That Women Find Super Creepy

    "Grabbing or touching my waist to get around me. Dude, just tell me to move!"

    As women, most of us have experienced our fair share of creepy behavior from men.

    A while ago, we wrote up a Reddit thread where u/SuperElectronicGray asked women to name some of the creepy things men do.

    But women offered so many more in the comments that we just had to share their thoughts too! Here's what BuzzFeed readers had to say:

    1. "Grabbing or touching my waist to get around me. Dude, just tell me to move!"


    2. "When guys comment on your body when it’s the FIRST TIME you’ve ever met them."

    "I once had this guy come up to me and comment on how 'thick' I was and that 'only Black guys would appreciate that I had more meat on my bones.' I wanted to cry on the spot."


    3. "Flirting with women while they're at work. I can't use strong enough language to fully reject a creepy customer who is hitting on me without risking my job."


    4. "I'll tell a guy that I'm not interested 100 times, and they still bother me. Finally, I'll say that I'm married, and half of the time, that's enough to get them to leave me alone. They respect a man's 'property' more than the fact that I've said no."


    5. "When a guy says, 'If only I weren’t married...'"

    "I had a coworker (15–20 years older than me) who told me how beautiful I was and how he would 'wife me up' if he weren’t already married. Something about that just didn’t sit right with me."


    6. "Not being able to comprehend that no actually means no. I just ended things with a guy a couple of weeks ago, and every other day, he'd text, 'So, can I see you now?' And I'm like, 'Bro, what part of the word no is so hard to understand?'"

    "You already fucked up enough for me to dump your ass, and you think that by ignoring my 'no,' I am somehow gonna magically change my mind and let you come back into my life?"


    7. "There’s nothing worse than the 'where’s my hug' guy. If we don’t hug you organically, don’t demand a hug."


    8. "A few men have found my Instagram and DM'ed me, saying we didn’t match on Tinder so they were reaching out. We didn’t match for a reason. Stop being a creep."


    9. "'You’re so much prettier when you smile.' FUCK. YOU."


    10. "Dudes who are like 25 years older than me responding to my IG stories with the fire emoji. No thanks, grandpa."

    "That behavior gets you an instant block."


    11. "When men lie about their age to say they’re the same age as you."


    12. "Why the hell do men think they have the right to not only touch me but move my clothes around to see my tattoos? Why do they feel so entitled?!? Do. Not. Touch. Me."


    13. "Unless you're my grandfather, don't call me sweetheart."


    14. And finally, "Drivers that hit on the women they are driving — who are clearly not interested — are sleazeballs! Not only is this woman trapped in your vehicle, but now you know where they live or at least know a place where they frequently go."

    "I had a driver ask me if I was always in the neighborhood he picked me up in. He told me he would drive in the neighborhood as often as possible to find me again! Luckily, I never saw him again, but that put me on edge."


    Enough is enough. Men need to start respecting women's boundaries and treating us like human beings!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.