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Women Are Sharing The Creepy Things Guys Do That They Don't Even Realize Are A Problem

Dear men, stop doing this stuff. K, thanks.

Let's face it β€” many of us women have been hit with some creepy male conduct at one point or another.

Well, Reddit user SuperElectronicGray asked women to share the things guys do that they think are OK, but that are actually creepy, and these women ain't telling NO lies:

1. "Asking if I live alone. If there's already an established friendship, fine. But if you're a stranger or just an acquaintance, that freaks me out."

2. "Saying, 'If I was x years younger...'"


"I was 15 and manning the cash register at my dad's store when this guy told me I 'brought back memories' of the women he met while he served in Vietnam. And he kept looking me up and down with a slobbery look on his face."


3. "Since I got pregnant I've had more male friends think it's acceptable to call me a 'MILF,' especially at inappropriate in front of my mom."

4. "Following women around continuing to try to talk to them when they've already made two attempts to end the conversation."


"A guy next to me on a plane wouldn't stop talking to me, even after I put on headphones! Then, he tried to walk me to my connecting flight after I refused to give him my phone number. He only finally left when I went to the women's restroom."


5. "Messaging me late at night to tell me to 'go to bed.'"


6. "Flirting with me in a position where I can't leave, like an Uber or taxi. Once I had an Uber driver flirt with me the entire ride late on a Friday night. I tried to stop responding, but he kept telling me how beautiful I am. Most times, when women aren't interested and you keep pushing it, we get scared we're gonna get assaulted or killed! It's terrifying."

7. "I have a large tattoo on my shoulder, and I've had several men come up from behind and move my tank top strap and/or bra strap to see it better. In grocery stores and Lowe's of all places!"


8. "Saying anything along the lines of 'you’re perfect' within minutes of meeting."


9. "Stop telling me how 'big' things are for a woman. 'That's a big truck for a little girl,' or even once when I was at Subway, this condescending prick said, 'That's a big sandwich...'"

10. "Restricting my movement in any way. Pinning me in a corner, holding my wrist down, blocking my escape, etc..."


11. "My wife had a boss that would come up behind the women and give them shoulder massages. Not cool, dude."


12. "Saying, 'You're cute when you're angry.'"


13. "'Daring' me to kiss my girlfriend in front of them to 'prove' I'm really a lesbian. Disgusting."

14. "Sending messages like, 'Hi hun,' in a business setting. I draw for a living, and I regularly receive messages from guys under the guise that they want to commission my work, but it's really just an excuse to get closer to me. This sounds blunt and bitchy, but I don't want you. I want your money."


15. "Asking, 'Where's my hug?'"


16. "If you keep going on about how much you respect women, you probably don't respect women."

17. "Honking, yelling or any form of catcalling while I'm running or even just walking down the street."


18. "I've got curly hair, and I'm sick of men thinking they can just come grab a coil of it and pull it like a slinky spring! Don't touch my hair, and don't call me moody when I tell you to stop!"


19. "When they tell me to smile. It used to make me really uncomfortable, but now I just grin manically at them."

20. "Gay men who grope you and excuse it by saying, 'It's OK β€” I'm gay! I'm not attracted to women at all!' Keep your fucking hands to yourself, then!"


21. "When guys pick me up. I've always been really skinny, so guys think it's OK to just...lift me."


And, of course...

22. "Dick pics."