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I Let My 6-Year-Old Dress Me And She Actually Slayed

"I have fashion and now I’m going to give Mommy some fashion!"

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A few weeks ago my 6-year-old daughter looked at me and said, "Mommy, you need a lot of help with your fashion. I could teach you, you know."

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Once I picked myself up off the floor from the shock that this tiny person I had given birth to was now judging my style choices, I decided to let her. And we filmed the whole joyous adventure.

Since the moment Delilah could speak, she's been telling me, "Mommy, you like cool and I like pretty."


And she's right. It's kind of amazing how this girl came out of the womb prêt-à-porter, while I've always been more of a velour sweatsuit kind of gal.

The moment I found out I'd be having a daughter I was terrified. I've always struggled with body dysmorphia, a crap body image, and an inability to love my physical self. How would I raise a confident girl when I was so unsure of my own footing?

My daughter, on the other hand, LOVES to be seen. She sees dressing up as a celebration of herself, and it's incredible to watch.


It's easy, especially in motherhood, to forget to take care of yourself. I'm guilty of it all the time. But I'm lucky, because I have a little girl who wants to make me look the way she sees me. And the way she sees me is a way I've never been able to see myself.

I'm constantly aware of the behavior I'm modeling for my child. I try to never let her see me appear dissatisfied with my body, but I know deep down that the fact that the dissatisfaction exists is probably palpable for her.


I thought it would be my responsibility to teach my child to love herself, (and of course, it is) but having a daughter like Delilah has helped me learn to love myself in ways I never imagined. I measure my success by what my body can do, rather than how it looks. And my body grew this incredible girl.