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    16 Random Questions About Parenthood With Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy Anne Summers) dropped by our offices to talk about No Kid Hungry, and she stayed to let us grill her about her life as a mom.

    SMG doesn't just play an ass-kicker on TV.

    In real life, Gellar is a spokesperson for No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger, starting by providing breakfast in the classroom so all of our children have the fuel they need to learn.

    1. Any funny memories from labor and delivery?

    2. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your Frozen burnout level?

    3. Who handles bedtime, you or Freddie?

    4. Who is the most annoying children's TV character?

    5. What’s your favorite parenting hack?

    6. If you had to give your child a hipster name, what would it be?

    7. Want to take our "Is it Pet Food or Baby Food Quiz"?

    Of course, the healthy-eating advocate easily aced our quiz.

    8. What’s the one thing you wish you knew before you had kids?

    9. What baby product could you not live without?

    10. What is more offensive behavior from an expectant father?

    11. What surprised you most about parenthood?

    12. What advice would you give to working moms?

    13. To find out the sex or not to find out the sex of your baby?

    14. Which food are you most likely to steal from your kid's lunchbox?

    15. Which movie are you least likely to let your kiddos see: Cruel Intentions or I Know What You Did Last Summer?

    16. What do you want people to know about No Kid Hungry?