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    21 Christmas Shirts Every Sarcastic Parent Needs

    Just don't wear them in front of the kids. Or do. Your call.

    1. The holidays are a special time. Especially for parents.

    2. ...And sometimes when your kid is screaming wish list orders at you, and your mom is pissed that she's not hosting for the 34th year in a row....

    3. Sarcasm is really your only option.

    4. Well, sarcasm, puns, and booze.

    5. ...or beer. Whatever gets you drunk, right?



    8. Sometimes, after the four hundredth question about the logistics of Santa Claus, snark is all you have left.


    10. (well, snark and Ludacris.)

    11. Even reindeer are not safe from your amusement.



    14. And like always, there's a Clark Griswold quote for every situation.




    What would Christmas even be without the wisdom of Christmas Vacation?

    18. Of course, Home Alone has always given Christmas Vacation a run for its cranky holiday quotability.



    Home Alone 4Eva.

    21. Wishing you and yours a very happy holidays.

    May no one throw up on you, and may the egg nog be plentiful.

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