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Even If You Hate The Kardashians, You Have To Admit They Slay Halloween

Kim continues her Halloween homage to "ICONS" with the '90s most iconic power couple.

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Depending on how closely you keep up with those darn Kardashians (if you read this site you probably do it out of rage) you may have caught Kimberly's announcement that her "Halloween Theme" this year is ICONS.

My Halloween theme this year is ICONS! Musical legends!!! Paying homage to some of my faves!

Presumably Kim needs a theme – and not just a costume – because Halloween season is second to Awards season in the who wore what to what party competition.

Friday night she was hailed by Queen Cher herself for her spot-on representation of the icon's 1973 Academy Awards lewk, with a custom recreation of Bob Mackie's '70s original.

Twitter: @KimKardashian / ABC / Via / Via BuzzFeed

Cher responded on twitter, people were shook, it was a moment. Shout out to KK's bestie Jonathan Cheban for never failing to be Kim's finest Halloween accessory. But that moment is over.

Move the fuck over Friday's costume, because Saturday's costume is here and Kim has gifted us with another ICON to scream about. This time it's Kourt serving the pop star realness by her side.

Twitter: @kimkardashian

The Kardashian mamas recreated Madge and Michael's1991 Oscars look to a T. (Fun fact, this was the duo's debut as a couple, which was very short lived.)



I didn't think the K girls could slay any harder, but Kim is definitely giving Heidi Klum a run for her money as reigning Queen of Halloween.

Oh, and Kim's reveals come complete with theme music, so do yourself a favor and hit play.

Plus Kim is hardly done.

The mom of two (soon to be 3!) also teased her Aaliyah "Try Again" look, which presumably we'll be reporting on tomorrow.

And vogue...vogue...vogue...vogue.